Marvel solicits their new Star Wars #1

We don’t usually cover comic solicitations anymore, but Marvel released theirs for January today, and that means an unwatermarked look at the Alex Ross cover for the new Star Wars #1 that’s a homage to Howard Chaykin’s from back in 1977. (Among several other variants.)

There are no real surprises in the copy, but there is a letter from Marvel editor Axel Alonso, which you can see below the cut.


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  1. This Alex Ross cover looks magnificent!

    I remember owning the original Marvel comic with the Howard Chaykin cover. The comic itself was an extra-large, oversized comic. Kind of like a coffee table book with a thin cardboard cover. My aunt had given it to me, along with the Meco “Star Wars” disco LP for Christmas that year. A very lucky 7 year old, I was.

    Unrelated to Star Wars Marvel comics, but definitely Star Wars fun, is this posting on Dangerous Minds the other day:

    Good fun, indeed.

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