Mark Hamill is back at Celebration VI!

Mark Hamill at Star Wars Celebration V

Reed has announced that Mark Hamill will be coming back to Orlando for Celebration VI. Enterprising Jaders are hunting for furry pillows as I type, no doubt.

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with Hamill for the occasion.

6 Replies to “Mark Hamill is back at Celebration VI!”

  1. We left the pillows with the production team. We were stupid; we could have brought them home with us and auctioned them at the next con, of course. Well, we weren’t stupid, we were exhausted.

  2. Funny that one of my big memories of CV are of running out to buy those pillows. Certainly better than my biggest memory of CIV (at least the sight of cake no longer makes me shudder).

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