Mark Hamill in the New York Times

In a new interview, Dave Itzkoff‏ of The New York Times speaks to Mark Hamill about life before, after and during (again) Star Wars.

Mr. Hamill has come to appreciate his extended cameo in “The Force Awakens” — “when they talk about you that much in a movie before you even show up, that’s fabulous,” he said.

But now he and the “The Last Jedi” creators understand how much is riding on them with this film.

“I told him, everyone is going to be leaning forward for your first words in this,” said Rian Johnson, the “Last Jedi” writer and director. “Obviously, Mark came into this one with higher expectations for what we do with the character.”

Mr. Johnson said “The Last Jedi” also treated Mr. Hamill as an actor who has lived a whole life since he first played Luke. “In the same way that as a young man, he embodied the characteristics we all connected with — the youthfulness and innocence — he now embodies a person full of soul and experience,” Mr. Johnson said.

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