Making the case for Padme Amidala

I’ve never been much of a Padme fan. But there’s no denying that she’s an important part of the prequel trilogy, and Anika (aka @magnetgirl) makes some convincing points as to why — including her death — in The Queen’s Sacrifice.

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  1. Very thoughtful and well written analyze! I never thought of it that way, her death actually makes sense in this persepctive.

  2. Well written text that makes some interesting points. One problem though: It’s not in the movies. ;-)
    Honestly, in the movies Padmé is 90 % incubator, 10 % plot trigger. She isn’t a character, she’s a storytelling tool, and not even a very good one. No doubt, that’s sad – she could have been important, interesting, and worth an emotional response or two, after all – but in my mind trying desperately to argue some kind of emotional depth into Padmé’s role only makes her lack of said depth all the more obvious.
    For me Padmé is a missed opportunity on two legs. She’s neither cool as Leia nor pert as Ahsoka nor caring as Shmi. She’s just boring. And, as far as her so called love to Anakin goes, completely irrational. Best way to describe her role in the prequels: physically present.

  3. I don’t know; it’s an impressive analysis, but if Padme’s death is a conscious choice, it’s an ineffective one–it certainly doesn’t stop Anakin from continuing on his path, and in fact cements it. A Padme with choice over her life or death could have chosen to live to try to do something about the situation in the future, but instead simply takes herself off the board.

  4. Got to agree with Aaron here, If you need to go into that much detail to justify a characters existence in a film they’ve already failed.

    Panda Bear was a pretty weak character for me, could have been so much better and influential.

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