MacGregor talks about his first time seeing Star Wars has an ‘exclusive’ clip of Ewan MacGregor, from the upcoming Blu-rays, talking about his uncle Denis Lawson (Wedge) and his first time seeing Star Wars.

4 Replies to “MacGregor talks about his first time seeing Star Wars

  1. Where do I know that clip from? Was it on the ROTS DVD? Or in some web documentary back then? It’s old news, that’s for sure.

  2. What I meant was: The clip is old news, not the fact that it’s related to the Blu-rays. Just to make myself clear (for once ;-)).

  3. It’s obviously an older interview – I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s shown up before. But have we seen the undubbed Wedge footage? I don’t know, but it’s nice to hear just how much Lawson actually sounds like MacGregor.

    I can’t see them bleeding off anything really new on a retailer ‘exclusive’ in case, at least not this early. That kind of stuff will show up much, much nearer to the actual release date.

  4. Denis Lawson’s Scottish accent is so much more pleasing to the ear. Pity they felt the need to overdub him.

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