Lucasfilm prepping CGI animated fairy musical?

The film is in preproduction at Skywalker Ranch with TMNT director Kevin Munroe and Elf writer David Berenbaum, says The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog. Lucasfilm isn’t talking yet. (via)

Here’s hoping (if this is for real/pans out) they don’t go with the Clone Wars/Thunderbirds-style character design, which doesn’t really seem suited to the subject.

10 Replies to “Lucasfilm prepping CGI animated fairy musical?”

  1. Oh, this could be funny. Lucasfilm tackling a project aimed at girls.

    Still, it might end up resulting in some benefits for the female Star Wars fan, once they start really understanding the demographic.

  2. they’re missing a key marketing opportunity here…. Leia is a princess, Padme is a queen… Ahsoka needs to find her hidden princess past, and we can have a franchise to take on the Disney princesses.

    now on the fairy front, we got Watto!

  3. TPM merchandise did try to reach out to the princess crowd with a few amidala dolls, but perhaps besides being clunky, it was too exotic (not fitting the general princess merchandise mold with full face make-up, elaborate headpieces instead of just hair styles, and not enough gowns to wear to a ball).

    hmm.. what if they did Bratz style figures?

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