Lucasfilm part of live-action film panel at D23 Expo

DisneyAccording to the D23 schedule, Lucasfilm will be part of Disney’s live-action panel Saturday, August 10th. Here’s the description, straight from the site:

Let the Adventures Begin: Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios
Go behind the scenes at The Walt Disney Studios with this revealing look at our upcoming roster of live-action adventures from Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Fans will enjoy exclusive video clips, filmmaker discussions, and star appearances at this session hosted by Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, Disney Live Action Production President Sean Bailey, and Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige. With Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Disney’s Maleficent, Saving Mr. Banks, Tomorrowland, and Muppets Most Wanted, coming down the pike, make sure to claim your spot for the total package—surprises included! Cell phones, cameras, and all recording devices will be checked for this presentation.

The panel is 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT (1:30-3:30 p.m. EDT.)

Of course, it could be nothing but the usual ‘Whoo, yay, Episode VII, here’s a bunch of stuff franchise devotees already know’ spiel. We’ve gotten ourselves all hyped up and resultingly undersold enough lately to know not to count on anything new, no matter what the rumor mill says… Right? (via)

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  1. Actually, Pablo Hidalgo said on Twitter, that he had to do a presentation at D23 that summed up Star Wars to the regular Disney crowd. I think this maybe where he is presenting? We will have to see if this is what he was talking about.

  2. Pablo’s panel was already announced, and it’s separate from this on the schedule. Later, too: 5:00pm Pacific:

    Crash Course in the Force: Star Wars Saga 101
    Discover the rich history of the Star Wars saga and how cinematic storytelling, deep mythology, and enthusiastic fans have transformed it from hit movies to a worldwide phenomenon. With new adventures coming to the big and small screens, immerse yourself in where Star Wars has been and how it changed the world with Lucasfilm’s resident authority, Pablo Hidalgo. Whether you’re taking your first step into this larger world or are a seasoned Jedi Master, there are many secrets of the Force to discover.

    He could be doing a little one too, but somehow I doubt that’s what the crowd for the live action releases panel wants to see.

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