Lucasfilm denies ‘Reclaimation’ animation treatment

TheForce.Net heard back from Lucasfilm on the post-Return of the Jedi animated series supposedly leaked by a laid-off LFL employee on the IMDB boards. “This is something we’ve never seen before,” Lucasfilm spokeswoman Tracy Cannobbio told TFN’s Eric Geller in an email.

The treatment, which sketched out an all-new post-movie galaxy, was picked up by several fansites and blogs over the weekend.

9 Replies to “Lucasfilm denies ‘Reclaimation’ animation treatment”

  1. Of course, the first thing any smart organization knows is to keep the spokesperson out of the loop if you want to keep anything a secret. So, this actually don’t necessarily tell us much.

  2. Pablo, are you intentionally printing out random stuff from the internet, putting a star wars logo on it and then throwing it into the LFL dumpsters for trolls to find and post on IMDB? cuz if you are, that’s awesome.

  3. I hope whatever they go with, it has a really unique slant.

    I have to give the fake pitch some credit in terms of having Luke fight for neither side. It really linked into the “heroes on both sides” theme and divorced the Jedi way from politics in a unique way. The understanding of past themes made it seem possible to me.

    But as names started to be derivative of other stories, it became obvious it was likely a fake. Manco is Clint Eastwood, the bad guy sounded like the guy from Batman…

    It was a fun weekend of speculation, that’s for sure.

  4. Well, Dom is correct in a way. In this age of conspiracy theories, how can we believe Lucasfilm, unless they grant us an all access tour to their story, art, and production departments? Seriously, Lucasfilm, hand out invitations. Now!


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