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TEASER: InvincibleClubJade.net has teamed up with NJOE and EU Cantina to bring you… Well, it was originally supposed to be a week – of fun as we gear up for the finale of Legacy of the Force series.

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97 Replies to “LOTF week: Invincible giveaway!”

  1. Legacy of the Force is excellent in cementing the Extended Universe and the prequel trilogy together as now each story is just as full of references to prequel events as it is with others. This makes the entire Extended Universe experience a lot more cohesive. Due to the fact that the prequels weren’t made before, the post-ROTJ EU novels always had to dodge about unrealistically to avoid making any references to Anakin, etc. I also enjoyed Luke’s characterization; I believe his portrayal is vastly improved compared to previous series.

  2. Best part of Legacy – Return of Lumiya, not because she was done particularly well but because the Mavels are finally getting some recognition.

  3. The Legacy of the Force series is the best Expanded Universe novel series to date. It has references to just about every area of Star Wars canon, and brings our favorite heroes (and villains) together in very memorable clashes. LotF does not shy away from the fact that this is a more realistic series than previous ones; characters that we have grown to love pass on, but not needlessly. Every event in the series has meaning. We see well-known characters in situations and debates that we have never seen them in before, and it makes the reader empathize with them more. The writers of the series went above and beyond what I could have imagined for a Star Wars book series. I hope I’m not alone when I say I, for one, welcome the new EU author overlords.

  4. I’ve been fascinated with the philosophical path that Jacen Solo has been following since Matt Stover’s “Traitor” was released; the LotF series continues that path, as well as from the perspective of other characters that interact with him.

    It’s a great source of information on the Sith and their background, as well as showing development among ALL of the characters. In fact, the authors even allow a character death (not saying which author or which character…read the books!).

    Throughout the series, moral ambiguity is rampant, and the arguments and situations are written well enough to easily place yourself on either side of the Force-fence, even if you are decidedly Lightsider or Darksider.

    All in all, a very entertaining read. Looking forward to the last book.

  5. Reading about Ben was my favorite part of Legacy of the Force. It’s nice to see him growing up, and I think he’s actually been a far more dynamic character than Jacen, who has made some pretty dumb, illogical decisions. Ben make mistakes, but he also seems able to self-evaluate effectively, which some of the characters seem to struggle with.

  6. My favorite thing about the Legacy of the Force, thus far, has been Ben Skywalker. You know that feeling you get when an indy comic hits it big, gets published by a major company and then gets made into a (good!) movie? That’s it. That’s the feeling. Or, you know, at least what I image it to be like.

    I despise the Skywalkers. Anakin’s an emotionally volatile cheese ball, Luke’s a whiny little pansy and Leia … well, she’s just kind of drifted off into the background. Ben, though? Ben seems to have inherited everything that made his mom cool and everything that mad his dad a hero. Plus, he’s dealing with real issues like morality and loss instead of hormones and fame.

    I love him.

    I also absolutely adore the whole Mandalorian storyline. They may be bloodthirsty buttheads, but they really do have a unique family unit. Everyone is equal and no one is forced into a gender role. You either survive or you don’t. It makes me almost wish I were adopted.

    As far as the writing style, I’m very impressed with how the story has progressed through alternating authors. I didn’t like NJO, mostly because it seemed like it was going in a completely different direction each time a new author came into the picture. It was long and boring and generally confusing. This seems to have worked out, though. Everyone’s has followed their own paths, but also stayed on the same train of thought. It has presented fresh ideas, yet maintained continuity.

    Honestly, I’m sad to see it end.

  7. There is three main reasons why I enjoy the Legacy of the Force series.

    The first reason is tie-ins, references and allusions to all the other established canon. The connections with the prequels, meaningful appearances from characters from various comics, books, and video games. Rather then just a random “Hey look I’m so and so from this, remember me?” They are valid appearances that make sense and enhance the story.

    The second reason is the focus on Jacen. He has always been my favorite EU character, ever since I first read the Young Jedi Knights series. I love the way he was grown and evolved from that animal-loving wimp to what he is now. I may not agree with his transition, but I love the way it’s being done and I find it fascinating.

    The third reason is Ben Skywalker. Ever since he was born in the NJO, I was hopping for more stories from him. He is an engaging character who deals with many issues that are interesting. Watching him grow and transition from civilian life to military life and from a child to a man is great.

  8. I’ve grown up on the Star Wars EU; I first picked up the Thrawn trilogy in fifth grade, and have been hooked ever since. I’m now wrapping up my freshman year at college, and I’ve found that fewer Star Wars books appeal to me. I still love the characters, the universe. However, things seemed somewhat stale. Legacy of the Force has gone a long way towards changing my mind. I may not agree with all the creative decisions the writers have made, but its nice to see a series that deals with interesting ideological issues, really emotional character deaths and the coming of age of a wonderful character(I love you, Ben!)…and does it in a number of books that both allows a long story and is manageable (I’m looking at you, New Jedi Order).

  9. Seeing some of the newer generation characters has been my favorite part of LotF. I enjoyed reading about the very different paths that Wedge and Iella’s children took with each one taking after one parent. I also adore Valin Horn. He is so much like his daddy and Allston wrote him like a dream. I hope to see more of him in the future.

    Watching Ben grow up and mature has also been a treat. He is written well as a boy who is struggling with his heredity but he manages to come to terms with it, still be his own person, and make a difference in the lives of others.

    Also getting to see some of the older characters that I loved but we hadn’t seen in awhile was a nice touch. :)

  10. I’ve really enjoyed this series. I’ve felt that the descent of Jacen into the darkside, doing the wrong things for the right reasons what more of what we should have gotten for Anakin’s fall in the prequels, instead of all the whining, and the snap-decision of turning to the dark side for the heck of it.

    I also have (for the first time) really enjoyed the Mandolorians and their storyline. Fett is less infallible badass, and more, ya know, human. Also, really interesting tie-ins with the Commando books and great set up for the Legacy comic.

    But my favorite thing about LOTF? Two words:

    Loooooove Commander! ;)

  11. Luke kicking some ass, Mara kicking some ass, Jaina finally starting to maybe get into position to get ready to do something, and the possibility of Jacen being PUT IN HIS PLACE. :)

  12. What I like most about LOTF is the why that Jacen slowing begins to go insane. I actually supported what he was doing in Betrayal until Inferno, when he burned Kashyyyk. But now I almost hate him and that is the making of a good series. He is the ultimate villian.

  13. For me, the most compelling part of the Legacy of the Force is responsible tie-ins. Meaning Neither Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, nor Troy Denning have referenced other material just for the heck of it. Lumiya’s return was well crafted and shows Luke that a woman scorned never really forgets, she waits. Jacen Solo’s fall has been very well crafted. We see everything change for him in Matthew Stover’s Traitor novel. Then in Troy Denning’s Dark Nest Trilogy we see him putting what he’s learned from Vergere into effect – we even see him and Tahiri Veila getting a little closer which was excellent foreshadowing!

    Now in LotF, we see Jacen Solo take a righteous mission up but lose his way in classic Sith fashion. He cannot see that those he’s alienated – his family and the Jedi Order want the same thing for the galaxy. He’s slowly been getting himself ready to sacrifice everything of himself in order to accomplish what every failed Order and Government has not – bring the galaxy to a point where it can defend itself against outside invaders and secure peace internally. Lumiya was expertly used to bring Jacen to this mindset – building on what Vergere taught him earlier.

    Karen Traviss has been phenominal in this series. Yes, she does focus on the “boys in armor” in the Mandalorians but that’s her flavor and it serves as a good break from the heaviness in Jacen’s story. No different from Aaron’s love of Wedge Antilles, and Troy’s love of Squibs, Ewoks, and Sullustans. We see Boba Fett become a little less ‘mystery’ and more ‘human’. Which I believe works very well for the character. And as Boba progresses, the Mandalorians begin to pick themselves up as well. I could also get into the multiple tie-ins Karen has created to her Republic Commando novels, but that’s going to turn an already long response into several long responses concerning those of Troy Denning’s, and Aaron Allston’s. Suffice it to say it’s been tie-ins done responsibly.

    Aaron Allston, here is an author that was around for the Solo Twins as children back when he wrote for the Bantam line. He’s seen the children grow, he’s been there with the classic characters to see them to this point they are at in Legacy of the Force. He serves as the glue for this series in my opinion bridging the old books with the new. Betrayal was a perfect kick off for this series.

    Troy Denning, I love this man’s writing. During my time waiting for Invincible I went back and reread the Dark Nest Trilogy and was pleasantly surprised to see hints of Jacen’s fate that I hadn’t seen before. This man is clever and his writing shows. I can’t help but wonder if he knew how far the Legacy of the Force series would go as he was writing the DNT. I can only figure he must have to bridge the NJO to the LotF so well.

    In closing, this series has been very responsible with tie-ins to other works. We have seen deaths of some we all know and love, we have seen the children of the old become the stars of the new, and we have seen the fall of a Jedi we all hoped so much for. I am glad to say that everything that has happened has been for a worthwhile story. One that was responsible with every character death we mourned, every change in character we’ve witnessed, and every loss suffered.

    This is a series worthy of the Star Wars mantle. I have felt hope, loss, sorrow, rage, and wonder with every page turned. I believe Aaron, Karen, and Troy hope we all did. I couldn’t expect more from them. Responsible tie-ins and excellent storytelling in a galaxy far, far, away. The Force is indeed strong in these three.

  14. Legacy of the Force is the culmination of Star Wars. It is, fundamentally, the legacy of everything we’ve had happen in the Expanded Universe. Be it the return of Lumiya or the ever so intriguing Ship, LotF has touched upon nearly ever canon – be it the past or the future.

    Setting the scene with two political heavyweights walking towards a war in Betrayal, and neither side one you could support with all your heart, is my favourite aspect of LotF. It’s a genuine conflict, and you can only hand it to the Jedi and Sith to a degree.

    But it’s that genuine conflict that the schism of the greatest families in the EU turns into a war, and it’s just as much Sal-Solo’s fault as Han’s, as Wedge’s, as Leia’s as Luke’s as Mara’s as Jacen’s as Lumiya’s as Fett’s as Vergere’s! Even as Mara and Luke chased after Lumiya over three books – resulting in some of the most epic duels in SW – Alema Rar and Jag returned, throwing Jaina, Lumiya and Zekk into a wave of complexities.

    It has the greatest moments in the EU – the battle between Luke and Jacen, and Ben and Mara, in the first book, the duel between Lumiya and Luke in Tempest, the death of Mara Jade, the meeting of Alema and the One Sith, and the death of Pellaeon. With it’s highs and lows, it teaches us so much about ourselves as people.

    With Vergere as the mysterious moral ambiguity at the heart of the story, we see the GA as an Empire and a Confederation wielding Centerpoint as the Alliance. It’s in this story that it’s clear that the only good things in the galaxy are the people in it, and that’s what the epic is about!

  15. Jacen is fantastic, and a lot of what he does is completely (even frighteningly) defensible. The Mandos are fantastic. The prequel connections are fantastic–e.g. the ways in which Jacen is following in Anakin’s footsteps, and the ways he is not. (Too selfish versus to selfless, you might say.) And there are some little quotes that really stand out. The description of disappearing in the Force sticks in my mind, as does Ben’s spot-on analysis of the “attachment” issue. What I like best? How it all comes together to form a very compelling story arc.

  16. Legacy of the Force is amazing because it’s so versatile and combines such a wide variety of subjects, characters and genres. Jacen is amazing, even though some people have complained that it is far too much like Vader- I enjoy this because it ties everything together. It makes it feel more of a ‘family’ saga. If that makes sense. I too, really enjoy the useful and truthful quotes- at times I’ve read something- and then just stopped reading for a moment because it struck me as so true. I think something really inventive about Legacy is the fact that they are multiply authored. It gives a healthy variety in the writing styles and character developments.

    I eagerly await Invincible.

  17. I have to start with one of the most intriguing characters Lucas created, Boba Fett. When Bloodlines came out and we got to see the behind the scenes footage of the Fett history, I was estatic. Then with the continuing darkness of Jacen Solo, oops, I mean Darth Cadeus. That was really exciting. It was all wound together with finding out there is still Sith in the galaxy, along with the emergence and fall of Lumiya, finding out that Vergere was indeed a different kind of Sith in her own way and then the growing up of Ben Skywalker. The LotF series was an exceptional set reading. I hate to think that it might be or is coming to an end. I hope the 3 authors keep it up and work together some more on projects like this. My special thanks goes out to Karen Traviss who I got to sign my copy of Sacrifice at Walt Disney World last June at the 1st Star Wars Weekend last year. I just wish I could be there to meet Troy Denning this year.

    May the Force Be with You all!!!!
    Long live the SITH!!!!

  18. Definitely Ben Skywalker. I loved his characterization in LotF, and how you saw every second of his development from a pretty immature and innocent kid into a mature, intelligent, adult. I honestly didn’t care about Ben before reading Betrayal, but from then on he was one of my favorite Star Wars characters :)

  19. For me, the best part of LOTF is Jaina. She has always been one of my favorite EU characters, and I’m very interested in seeing how Jacen’s turning dark has effected her.

    I’ve also enjoyed Jacen. He has been one of my least favorite characters up to now. LOTF has taken him in a direction I actually predicted and has made it really work. I can finally understand him as a character. He makes a good villian. I can’t wait for the showdown between the two of them. It will be spectacular.

  20. THere are several reasons that LotF is such a successful series.
    I)There are characters being brought in from several sources. First there’s Lumiya from the old Marvel comics. We also get some posthumous mentions of Fen Shysa from the Marvel stuff. Then we have Dalaa from the Jedi Academy Trilogy and Planet of Twilight. And those are just the ones who haven’t been appearing on and off all through the NJO books.
    II)We don’t have certainty that the good guys are going to win, or even survive. There have been several VERY shocking deaths in LotF and it makes every page read capable of another surprise.
    III)There is far more emotional turmoil in this era of Star Wars. It isn’t just the Big 3 whooping up on Imperials any more. There is fighting between friends and former allies, not to mention families being ripped apart. It is good to see that LFL and the writers are not afraid to mix things up a little bit.

    All of this makes for some very exciting reading and I’m sure everyone will be shocked again when it is all said and done.

  21. I’ve loved LotF for many reasons.

    The quality of the writers can’t be beaten – there are few authors I would have chosen instead of these three, and all have proven to be up to the task of writing this story.

    There have been such genuinely shocking moments in this series. Kyle Katarn taking a group of Jedi commandos (none of whom are a Skywalker or Solo) and nearly succeeding in taking down Jacen. Alema crashing her ship into a space station in an attempt to kill the Solos and Skywalkers, just as Luke was about to take Lumiya’s hand in friendship – while Jacen runs away to abandon them all to their fate. Jacen actively trying to destroy his parents in the Millenium Falcon – and Ben trying to arrest them. Igniting Kashyyyk, nearly killing Kam and Tionne – turning Tahiri to the dark side… these have been the real surprises of the series.

    Mara’s death and subsequent investigation were handled so well, dealing in grief in such a realistic mannor, made an event that could have been just a cheap stunt into a much more important character altering moment, that continues on into subsequent books.

    And the Mandalorian plot was fantastic. Boba becomes a real person, with real flaws and problems, hopes and family. Anyone who’s ever complained that he’s a one note character can never say that again after reading LotF.

    My only complaint – it’s not long enough! I could read another three books in this series and be happy.

  22. Loved Star Wars my whole life and LOTF has not changed anything. I love how all the new charecters are devloped and changed over the first 8 books. The Boba Fett personality has been brought out is great.

  23. Seeing Ben grow up is great. But I love reading about the mandolorians too. I can’t wait for the finale.

  24. I love the attention to some otherwise forgotten characters – like Wedge’s kids.

    And I love the Jaina and Jagg getting closer again. I missed them!

  25. My favorite part about legacy of the force would have to be the often critisized characterization of Jacen Solo. Despite what people may say, his chapters are without a doubt the most compelling in every book, and in my opinion, he has been the most interesting character in Star Wars since traitor.

  26. The fleshing out of the Mandalorians and their resurgence on the galactic scene is enough reason to love LOTF, but there are so many others: the return of the Sith Lords, the frustration of Jacen Solo, the tears and the laughter, and the incredible irony of Jaina’s training at the hands of her father’s worst foe. All delicious.

  27. The best thing about the LotF is how it brings back all the great characters we had forgotten about for so long. Sal-Solo, Lumiya, Boba Fett. They all meaningfully come back to the front of the plot. All the tragedy and accomplishments feel so powerful, and Jacen’s story arc pulls at my soul.

  28. Love that Boba Fett is getting fleshed out and that the Solo Skywalker alliance is constantly being tested. Luke has finally met his match and I for one can’t wait to read the conclusion.

  29. The best thing about LOTF was the character development of several key acharacters. Up until this series Ben Skywalker has been a secondary character, but after I read Bloodlines I began to see a change, and every subsequent book has included him more into the plot and I saw him mature from the awkward Force-fearing kid of DN to a young man faced with many difficult choices and handling them like an adult.
    I also liked how Boba Fett was transformed from Han Solo’s adversary to a character with much depth, while still holding true to previous characterizations. Plus, Boba is my favorite character ever and I was glad to see his name on a few DPs.
    The idea to retcon Vergere as a Sith so that Jacen would follow the same path was pure genius. Though Matthew Stover may not have intended this exactly, I believe that Traitor flows right into this series. I definately felt Jacen’s fall was believable and very Sith-like.
    Last of all, I have to give each auther his or her own special thanks. I thank Aaron Allston for Exile, as it is my favorite book in this series, unless Invincible can top it. This is where kid-Ben became grownup-Ben. He also gave us the chance to see how some of the Corellians were reacting to the war before the war became the Confederation’s war. Also, he is one of the funniest writers for whom I have read his books. Some of his lines are just priceless and necessary comic relief in such a dark series, while he also has some very dramatic scenes as well. I must thank Karen Traviss for her use of point of view, especially Boba’s. Mara’s final book has made her my favorite female Star Wars character because she was written so right. She wouldn’t let anyone mess with her son, not even her nephew, whom she had been defending all along. Finally, I must thank Troy Denning for, well, everything. He has given us some very decriptive battle scenes as well as some duels which I would love to see in animation or live-action. He also reintroduced many older characters, such as Jag Fel or Alema Rar, who became key figures in the series, and several who only made brief, but memorable cameos, such as Aurra Sing and Tarfang.
    All in all, LOTF was a great series and i cannot wait to read Invincible.

  30. I love the fact that Boba Fett is a major player in the story. I also love the fact that Karen Traviss keps referencing things that happen in her Republic Commando books which, by the way, are also awesome.

  31. It’s hard to pick just one thing.
    1) The use of a well-known “good” character as the villain.
    2) A lot of Mandalorian home life and culture. Not just Boba Fett, we see how the whole planet functions.
    I don’t like it “best”, but I do like the strong use of elements from prior works. It’s sort of a payoff to the reader that all that other reading you’ve done still matters now.

  32. The LOTF novels is touching on many aspects of the EU, not just narrowing in on the main three characters from the original Star Wars. Jacen’s slide to the dark side and rationalization of it; Ben’s growth, development & maturity; Boba Fett’s family issues; Mara Jade’s skills come into serious play, but also lead to her death (at least she went out fighting!) and a nice glimpse into the Antilles family to name a few. Luke, Han & Leia are wonderful characters, but they’re had their time. EU is headed in the right direction!

  33. I liked seeing the progression of the logical Jacen Solo into insane Darth Cadeus.

  34. The way Karen Traviss connected the Republic Commando series with the LOTF series using Gotab/Bardan Jusik and Venku. That had me grinning from ear to ear.

  35. I think they have handled Jacen’s descent into the darkside very well. Throughout the first few novels, up until Inferno, I found myself siding with most of his decisions. I was even furious at the Jedi for bailing on him in the battle of Kuat. I think it has been fascinating though to watch Jacen slowly give in to the lure of the dark side despite his best intentions.

  36. My favorite thing about LOTF would have to be either:
    a) How well Ben is portrayed. I think the LOTF books do a great job of showing how he changes and is becoming more mature, but at the same time, also reminding the readers that he IS in fact a teenager with some of the things he does and says.
    b) All the Mando stuff. I have always been a Boba fan and was incredibly excited that Karen Traviss got her way and was able to bring in Boba and the Mandos. It makes me incredibly happy!

  37. LOTF has allowed the mainstream Star Wars novels to finally progress–both in continuing the NJO’s presentation of things in chronological order (instead of jumping around the timeline, as was the case pre-Del Rey), and in growing the characters and allowing them to approach their own twilights. The OT characters are no longer stuck in the seeming agelessness they had before, and you get the sense that the older generation knows it’s on the way out, while still doing all it can for posterity. After thirty years, this is a good thing.

  38. I like how the series (along with the Legacy comics) displays the “legacy” (if you will) of the Skywalkers. They are extremely powerful and involved in events at the galatic level, yet still open to dark side influences.

  39. I love the legacy of the force because it seems to caputure the essence of star wars! all too often I think we fans fall into this, “yeah the books are good, they keep me going with the character, but they’re no genius of literature.” Well, I think that comment doesn’t apply LOTF series. It’s the first time in a long time that a book/books have kept me up in the middle of the night, making me want to turn the page!

  40. What I like best about Legacy of the Force is the further descent of Jacen Solo and the reactions of those he cares about. I don’t want to go into details to avoid spoiling people, but that’s what I liked.

  41. I think all of the authors worked well together and complemented each other while remaining true to their own favorites as well (Karen writing about the Mandos for example). Looking forward to the final book, but will also be sad as it is the final book!

  42. Of all the things I love about LOTF, the fact that old characters are still kicking makes my day. Boba Fett hasn’t been seen for awhile, but he’s back and bustin’ some moves. So is Lumiya, the Big Three, and all their allies.
    I’ve also enjoyed all the new characters, like Lon Shevu. I hope to see him survive :P

  43. I think my favorite part is getting more attention to my favorite couples. I love how Han and Leia are basically one person now (actually three in one thanks to the Falcon). Jaina and Jag are on their way to getting back together, and not quickly and easily like it shouldn’t be. And while things didn’t end up so great for Luke and Mara, it has been cool to see the little bits of them and their influence imprinted on Ben. We haven’t seen much parenting from them, so that was a nice touch.

  44. The best thing about the LoF series is the chance to observe the fall of a Jedi to the path of the Sith in the most in depth way. The expansion and increased connections within the EU has been fantastic particularly Karen Traviss’ weaving LoF and Republic Commando characters and story-lines together.

  45. I like how ambiguous the war is. It is no longer a clear cut division between good and evil. Having the main characters on different sides makes for a whole new dynamic to be explored.

  46. Which I like most in the Legacy of the Force series is the feeling of the GFFA as a real world, in the sense that we get to see the characters we know as they evolve, grow, get into maturity and, eventually, die. Characters we knew as babies, such as Jacen and Jaina, now are almost 40 years old, and the movie heroes Luke, Han and Leia are passing the torch to the new generation, and sometimes they just appear in “supporting roles”, so we can sense how big and rich is that galaxy.

  47. Jacen Solo interrogating Boba Fett’s daughter, force-slamming her head into the table without moving a muscle. An absolutely bone-chilling scene that, for me, serves as a mission statement for the entire series.

    …And under these dark circumstances, Aaron Allston’s jokes are all the more welcome.

  48. Best thing is that this series is also attainable overseas (no hardcovers, though *sniff*).

  49. I love seeing in depth someone turning to the Dark Side and going into their reservations, their concerns, and their reasonings. I like that Jacen didn’t go into it lightly. He saw that it was a big move and that it should only be done if he was willing to do it right. LotF is starting to show the Dark Side and the Sith I think in a bit more neutral light. Yes, everyone still hates them, but the authors are going out of their way to seriously explain and justify some of Jacen’s reasoning behind it. And even the most fanatical Jedi supporter can’t deny that Jacen brings up some very good points.

  50. Best writing and character development in the STAR WARS universe in the last 10 years!! Sorry George.

  51. The best part of this series is Jag Fell as a bada$$ bounty hunter. I am listening to the audiobooks and Marc Thompson does a great job, as well.

  52. Jaina getting her feet wet, Ben in action and holding to the classic ideals of Star Wars

  53. Honestly, I think Ben is the best part of LotF. I continue to read it to learn what happens to the kids I grew up with–Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, Tahiri–but I find Ben’s journey very compelling.

  54. I love that the series is so Jacen-centric. He’s always been one of my favorite EU characters and even though he’s lost his way as of late, I still love him!

  55. Best Part of Legacy? We really get to see what Luke is capable of. We ‘saw’ probably of the best battles/duels ever…Jacen vs. Luke..Also I love Leia and shes had some awsome fights too; against a wookie and an ewok even! Awsome

  56. Boba Fett and Jaina – that has to be in my top 10 of character combos (NOT PAIRINGS, you silly people you).

    And I just love having Allston write Star Wars. He could do it forever and I’d be the happiest person on the planet. But he’d probably go more bonkers than he already is if he were to do that. His other stuff is fun too, of course.

  57. A friend of mine was reading Bloodlines a while back, and we discussed it for hours one day after school. Just hearing some of the story from him was enough to make me go out and purchase Betrayal. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on the series. The highlight of LOTF for me is Jacen becoming Caedus. I know I’m one of the select few who always wants him to live on to fight another day. I find his character to be very interesting. Although I’ve enjoyed every part of this series so far, I’m always going crazy when there is a chapter without Jacen/Caedus. I don’t think there will ever be enough of him. Inferno is by far my favorite. Maybe Invincible can top that? I guess I’ll find out….

  58. I really like that Karen Traviss has tied the LOTF novels to the Republic Commando novels via the Mandalorians. She is a master storyteller with a clear story arc that she stays true to from book to book. I also admire that, even though each author in the LOTF series has their own slant on the characters and action, they also work together to tell the overall story. This must take a lot of coordination and discussion before a word hits the page. Definitely the best series of EU novels.

  59. I love the cohesion of the series. Del Rey has clearly learned from doing the NJO. I recently downloaded the new, free audiobook of Betrayal, and have been pleasantly surprised to see a lot of what was written in the first book foreshadowed events in many of the later ones. There was incredible foresight and planning, almost as well as Palpatine’s plot to take over the galaxy.

    But one of the things that’s made me happiest about the series… Jag + Mandalorian crushgaunts = everything I ever wanted. There was really no better way to use them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  60. The best part about the Legacy of the Force Series is the subtle message that evil can be perpetuated through good intentions, and that even the best of us can fall. Jacen Solo/ Darth Caedus is that ina nut shell and despite the good he has done for the empire. Despite his defeat of Omini, and Tsavong Lah, among many other victories, Jacen Solo must be destroyed.

  61. I hope that this ending is going to surprise me :)

    About Legacy of the Force series I like that this is written by only three authors, so it is coherent. I like that Legacy of the Force is much better edited then for example NJO, that Del Rey finally learned something on their mistakes. But I like best that there are many fresh ideas used in this series.

  62. Sometimes when you get wrapped up in a series of books, that has a pre-planned number of installments, you get the feeling, after a while, that the author(s) are dragging/thinning out a story to sell more books, knowing that they are not going to bring any of the subplots to conclusion until the last installment. I’m happy to say that the writers of LOTF made every installment exciting and each served to further develop the story in a profound way. Each book left you wanting more, not feeling ripped off. Having said that, I think the best part of LOTF is getting to see prequel and original trilogy characters interact with so many of the new characters of the expanded universe. How cool is it to finally get the whole backstory on Boba Fett, while seeing him train Han Solo’s daughter to defeat Sith? You could write a series on that alone!

  63. The best part about the Leagacy of the Force series is all the Wedge and Boba Fett action. Wedge and Boba Fett are my favorite charactors and it’s nice to see them getting big parts in this new era (even if it’s just because two of the authors really like writing about the aforementioned charactors, though, having Boba only show up for one out of three novels is kind of anoying). It’s good to know that these seemingly unimportant movie charactors that became E.U. powerhouses can still exert their influence over the series. And my other favorite part is Lando in a pimp outfit. That was the most hilarious part in the whole series.

  64. I liked the Legacy of the Force series because, out of any series of books Del Rey has given us, they gave us the one book that took me back (and I mean completely) to Star Wars: A New Hope. That book was Fury. When Fury went into its place on my bookshelf, I felt like I had just watched Star Wars for the first time (again) and my faith in Del Rey was restored.

  65. While I don’t like the route that they have taken Jacen Solo (a character I used to support and even somewhat identify with), I do find that LotF has admirably shown how slippery is the slope of evil. Lies mixed with the truth and finding oneself slowly drowned by the vortex of moral relativism can bury an individual and have you travelling farther down a dark road than you ever thought possible. Jacen, who is trying to do accomplish a “good” end, is deceived into using evil means to get there. He is slowly being driven insane by the tearing of his soul: he wants to be good, but he has commited himself to be good’s antithesis and he cannot internally justify that to find peace. Consequently, his rage and hatred multiply exponentially and he succumbs to a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than seeking redemption and restoration.

  66. The series continues the work of the New Jedi Order, slowly moving away from the Big 3 and introducing a larger universe, where the next generation of Jedi are involved. A key element of the Star Wars universe is to show that over any amount of time, people will remain the same and follow the same trends. Another Dark Lord arises, and another Jedi steps up to face the challenge.

  67. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD (for those who haven’t read the books)

    The best part about the LOTF series is that it deals with a semi-major character’s (in the EU) fall to the Dark Side.

    Also, Lowbacca comes into play in ‘Inferno’.

  68. I really enjoy the fact that they’re not pulling their punches. They’re killing off well-loved characters, showing no one is truly “invincible.” It makes me wonder if Jacen/Caedus will be killed or merely go into exile at the end. It’s not likie before when the worst possible thing that could happen was the twins getting kidnapped when they were still little. How many times can that happen? For Pete’s sake! Get them a freakin’ Jedi Bodyguard already!

  69. The best thing about LotF is the fact that the battle lines are so blurry. Going on, Jacen is obviously corrupted but, even so, the “good guys” are only really interested in removing him from power, not destroying the entire GA. The secondary conflict of GA vs. Confederation gets very muddled and was shown off well in Betrayal.

  70. I’ve enjoyed how the authors have gone deeper into Jacen’s character change. They’ve really shown how he has changed from a animal loving kid to a very self-centered Dark Lord of the Sith. Honestly, I was very happy to see a major character death. The series needs this every now and then. Boba Fett is back, ya, with the Mandalorians playing a major role in the universe again. Seeing Ben grow up and mature has been a thrill for me. I love this series.

  71. I have enjoyed learning more about the mandalorian culture during the series. Additionally it has been fun to watch as Jacen has been slowly seduced and overcome by the power of the dark side. I also really enjoyed seeing the tie-in to the One Sith from the Legacy comic series. I look forward to seeing how Invincible sets the stage for Legacy.

  72. I like several aspects of the LotF serries. I really enjoy reading more about Boba Fett and the Mandos, and like how KT’s RC books have tied into this set. Although I didn’t care much for the direction that Jacen has been taken, it was handeled well, and the inevitable showdown between him and Jaina was something I predicted when they were first born in the Thrawn trillogy. The simularity’s between his fall and his grandfathers are often there and pointed out, but there’s enough diffrence that it’s unimagitive. I like the fact that older chartiters have been brought back in this serries, and the authors are willing to let some of them die. there are a lot of deaths in this set, including several major ones, but each one has surved a purpose in the story. I have really enjoyed reading Ben’s story arc and look forward seeing how he develops. The onlything I would really ask for is more information on what is going on with the Yuzum Vong, they’ve been pretty much written off and put in the background after the NJO books, even if the aftereffects of what they’ve done is showing. They Darth Who contest was also a neat idea that made the comunity feel like they had a little control over something in the Star Wars universe.

  73. What I have appreciated most about this series is the development of Ben Skywalker. For me he is slowly filling the void left by Anakin Solo’s death as someone who could lead the Jedi, and thus the EU (post-big three), someday.

    Though, as nice as this is, my AU mind can’t help but think how cool it would have been to have Anakin and Ben as a sort of dual-Grand-Master after Luke’s eventual death.

  74. LotF is a awesome story line that shows some of the paths that Jacen and his Grandfather have gone down. This is a more realistic but also sad series in that there is a die off of some main char. but like I said it makes for a more realistic book..

  75. My favorite part of LotF is Jacen’s slow descent into madness–the insight we get into his head can seem rational at times in the beginning, then it just becomes complete insanity.

    Another plus about this series is seeing the older characters–Luke, Han, Leia, Mara, etc–slowly move out of the main focus while still playing key parts more behind the scenes.

  76. To me, LOTF series is the “New Star Wars”; New Jedi Order is much longer, epic and adventureful, LOTF novels are darker, more mature and tragically powerful.

    As the writers said, the story is another version of SW movies; the war between GA and Confederation, involvement of the Jedi order, the fall of a hero. And would Jaina face the same dilemma as Luke once did? That’s the question we are long waiting to be answered.

    And there are new things, too. Struggle of the old heros, mysterious Sith ways, and lots of brand-new action scenes. Words from the book titles are so simple, yet they can stab readers like emotional daggers.

  77. After I finish reading Invincible, this will be my first completed series. Up until now, I have always been terrible with reading the novels. Now, I read them like nothing. That’s thanks to LOTF. It simply has a well constructed storyline. It has encouraged me to branch off into other series. Dark Nest is next on my agenda. Overall, I’m so glad that I finally entered into the EU novel arena.

  78. The best part about the LOTF series is, and this pains me to mention it, the death of Mara Jade Skywalker at the hands of her fallen nephew, Darth Cadeus (a.k.a., Jacen Solo).

  79. The best thing about legacy of the force is the drama. I noticed a lot more of it it in this series than many other star wars book series and its waht keeps you reading these books.

  80. Mandalorians, hands down. The more Mandalorians , the better. The mando storyline is what brought me into the LOTF series. I’ll admit I was sucked into the whole story, but it was Fett and the Mandos who made it really enjoyable.

  81. I agree with a lot of what has been said throughout these comments, but especially with Sithspit – I love the evolution of Jacen’s character. I tore through “Traitor” in about two days, and absolutely loved it. I can see the philosophy behind why Jacen turned Sith, and how he is justifying it for a means to an end for the galaxy…even if I don’t necessarily agree with it! I also love the way Jaina’s character is portrayed, and also being able to “watch” Ben grow into his own person and not the shadow of his father. Great stuff all around!!!

  82. The main thing I have enjoyed while reading the Legacy of the Force novels has been the evolution of original trilogy characters (i.e., Han, Luke, and Leia) as well as the development of EU characters (i.e., Jaina/Jacen, Mara, Ben, the Fetts, and Allana). Legacy has really pushed the envelope in character development and storytelling in the SW galaxy.


  83. LOTF is an action packed series that goes at a great pace while not being too long a series, such as some others out there. It’s packed with drama, from the unexpected deaths to the torture scenes, and wrenches real emotions from you – and you know when a series or book can accomplish that, it’s a great read!

  84. I liked lots of stuff in LotF, I think the main being Jacen going nuts, also the Empire, SOME of the Mando stuff, Jag going badass and of course Ben he was kinda dumb in the beginning but now he is likable

  85. The best part about LotF is the way it blends the old with the new in interesting, and hiterto unthought of, ways.

    Who would have expected to see Daala not only return in Revelation, but return as a competant commander? And a shoe in for the very *first* female moff? Brilliance!

    The surprises come in thick and fast and, I will confess, they never fail to get me smiling.

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