Long-time fandom pipe dream rises again

John Campea of The Movie Blog begs George Lucas to make the Thrawn trilogy into movies. Yeah, cause that would totally work.

Look, I love those books. They’re one of the things that really got me into Star Wars fandom. But I just can’t see them as movies. They work great for what they are – novels.

Thoughts? (Note: If anyone starts a ‘casting’ discussion I will shot them on sight. I hate those kind of discussions the way some people hate Jar Jar Binks.)

10 Replies to “Long-time fandom pipe dream rises again”

  1. Oh…I would LOVE to see that. Out of the entire EU, I think the Trawn Trilogy captured the feel and structure of the films best.

    I’d be suprised if George went for it, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if he did.

  2. They are a bit long to be made into movies. They could trim them down, but the Thrawn trilogy would make a better series than a movie trilogy. The one drawback of the Thrawn trilogy is that everyone keeps splitting up, forcing the audience to track 4 or 5 different things.. which is fine in a book, but at most in a movie, stick with 3 threads – two hero, one villain.

  3. I think there’s too much in the Thrawn books that’s going on mentally. It would be too difficult to put into a visual format. I just can’t see it.

  4. As much as I love those books, and would enjoy experiencing the story in a visual format, I agree with others that there is just too much going on in the story to translate well to film. Strikes me that either too much would need to be cut or re-worked, likely altering the entire feel of the content. And I won’t make casting predictions, but it would be a consideration as the original cast wouldn’t exactly fit the part at this date.

  5. Hard to say. With the right director and writer it could make for some great movies or, as JawaJames already suggested, a series. The casting thing would be odd since the original actors are way too old now. Get us Peter Jackson or David Yates and we’ll talk.

  6. If the new Clone Wars really takes off, I could see them working as an animated TV series… But yeah, the second sticking point (after the adaption hassle) is that the actors are just too old. (Assuming George could get them to do it.) You have to skip ahead to at least NJO era for them to realistically look right for their parts. And recasting is just skeevy.

  7. Just stick some of those 3D model probes on Carrie, Mark, and Harrison and we’re all set to go. Everyone else has costumes.

    I joke. Make it a toon if anything, or nothing. And if it does get animated, hire these guys!

  8. I just don’t think a live action movie involving Luke, Leia, and Han would work, unless it was somewhere much later in the timeline where they’re the same age as Mark, Carrie, and Harrison. Would we really accept different actors in those roles? I don’t think so.

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