Live-action series rumor du jour: There’s time travel!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a silly rumor about the Star Wars live-action series to giggle over, but thankfully there’s Ain’t It Cool News to get things going. Today: Time travel! No, really:

Daniel tells us that one of the series’ first episodes will involve a group of bandits acquiring the capability of time travel, and using it to travel back in time to stop Darth Vader from ever existing.

Sounds like someone’s been watching a bit too much Terminator! Thanks, AICN. Glad to know you’re there when we need a laugh. (via)

P.S.: It’s Expanded Universe. Not Extended. Expanded.

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  1. Time travel like this made for some of the best SG1 episodes and look how long that survived. They also got stuck in alternate realities and had to return everything to normal. That could be fun to see Star Wars differently, if only for an episode. Since it takes place between III and IV they wouldn’t actually change anything. (I hope)

  2. “The series is set between episodes III and IV.” How do you justify that “setting” and have the show revolve around time travel? You can’t. Stopping Darth Vader in the galaxy is not even the biggest issue for these time travelers, stopping Palpatine would be. If these time travelers were to stop Vader, they would actually save the Sith. None of this is even near the spirit of the words McCallum and Lucas and spoken about the show.

  3. And there’s wacky teenager/parent body switching too! This show’s got everything!

  4. I’m hoping we get an episode where Anakin wakes up, wheezes down the comm to Palpatine and bunks off from work, leading to a day packed with hilarious hijinks and Ani talking directly to the camera, wrecking a vintage XP-38, singing on the HoloNet and missing an important meeting he was due to attand – “Vader…Vader…Vader…”
    Darth Vaders Day Off

  5. We may get that River Song and Mara Jade meet up yet!!!

    New crazy debate – TARDIS versus all SW Spacecraft

  6. I like how AICN runs bullshit stories like this but never comments on when they’re wrong, never makes a retraction, and publicly mocks the piece they’re reporting on to the detriment of a company that did nothing of the sort. It is pretty irresponsible. You know they have been informed its total bullshit by now through various sources.

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