Let the Wookiee win

Vulture challenges Spike’s assertion that Chewbacca was the original wingman, and other disturbing realizations for someone who clearly hasn’t been hanging around the fandom since back when RASSM was cool.

One Reply to “Let the Wookiee win”

  1. BML may have a good point – at what point in the films is Chewie Han’s “wingman” (as in “backing Han up” or “protecting his rear”:

    A New Hope: Greedo “jumps” Han in the Cantina – where’s Chewie? Off getting the Falcon ready!!

    Empire (#1): Darth Vader “traps” Han & Co on cloud city – where’s Chewie? Right beside him roaring his fuzzy head off! Yeah, Vader’s really scared of a Wookie roar!!

    Empire (#2): Han is being lowered into carbonite freezing chamber – where’s Chewie? Watching poor Han, STILL ROARING AT VADER, but now with C-3PO strapped to his back!!

    Jedi (#1): Han (still blinded) is trying to protect Luke from Boba Fett during the fight at the Sarlac pit – where’s Chewie? He’s sitting DOWN!

    Jedi (#2): Han & Co are trying to find Leia after the speeder bike race – where’s Chewie? He’s the one that springs a trap that captures everyone!!

    If anyone is anyone’s wingman in the sense of backing them up or protecting their rear, it is surely R2-D2! In each film R2 has “saved” one or more people/droids by its own actions by “being there” at the right time (when it’s needed the most).

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