Legacy comic to return with new creative team, female Solo descendant

Dark Horse is reviving the Legacy series – with a whole host of fresh faces, Comic Book Resources reports.

Written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, the new Legacy (no subtitle?) will star a “a young woman who is the great-granddaughter of original movie characters Han Solo and Leia Organa.” It’s set to release sometime in 2013 and will be an ongoing series, according to Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley.

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  1. I can’t believe they aren’t stopping the flow of material past ROTJ. Even worse is that it’s a new project that CAN be stopped. They have probably already figured out whats going to happen to them and are pumping out material to get as much money as possible before the rights go back to marvel. No consideration if this story gets the infinities title right away after ep. 7 comes out.

  2. Just because it might turn out to be Infinities after EpVII doesn’t mean it won’t be a good story.

    I gave up on Legacy because I pretty much couldn’t stand Cade after the third or fourth time he failed to grow and change, but I’ll try this.

  3. This is good news. And what they should have done with the Legacy comics to begin with. A female descendent of either Luke or Leia was the way to go.

  4. I thought *Legacy* was one of the best things to come out of the EU in recent years, and I’m looking forward to this new version. And I don’t care at all if it isn’t in continuity with the new movies, as long as it’s enjoyable.

  5. I’m fine if it’s a great story but it does kinda stink of a last minute money grab by Dark Horse. They always implied that Legacy would come back, but doing it without the original team makes me think they’re rushing this. And rarely do things that get rushed out end up good. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out when it comes out to give it a chance.

  6. I like her jacket.

    Not in a ‘I’d wear that on the street’ kind of way, but as a SW costume, it works.

    Also, Star Wars property featuring a female lead? Who looks like she raided her great-grandad’s closet and gear box? Yes, please.

    Not large with the caring about how it ties into EP7, personally. A good story is a good story.

  7. I’m excited. I liked Legacy a lot and seeing the era get a new start with a new lead (and a new team) is pretty awesome. While I can see the marketing value of having a Han/Leia descendant as the lead, I’m not too sure I like having everything in the galaxy determined by one Skywalker bloodline — the galaxy is just too big for that.

  8. Very interesting… Though she somehow reminds me of Korra… Still, awesome with a female lead, awesome that the EU continues! My personal theory, though, is that yhey don’t rush this at all, and that this will all make sense when the big scenery is revealed. in 2015. Then again, I believed in Santa Claus for a long time too ;-P

  9. I gotta say I’m a little crabby about this. I know that John and Jan just work in the Star Wars universe, but Legacy was their baby and this is such a slap in the face to them. All of the things they started and then had to wrap up quickly only for them to start Legacy back up in a few years?


  10. By the way, isn’t she going to be a Fel? They are decedents of Han and Leia. I guess they mean there going to part of the Allana line. That means she comes from Hapes.

  11. there’s a few ways that she could be a descendent:
    – Han/Leia –> Jaina –> grandchild –> great grandchild
    – Han/Leia –> Jacen –> Allana –> great grandchild
    – Han/Leia –> unknown 4th child –> grandchild –> great grandchild
    – Han/Leia –> clone of Jacen or Anakin –> grandchild –> great grandchild
    – Han/Leia –> Jacen –> unknown walkabout love child –> great grandchild

    other likely ancestors (besides the Fels): Corto Vos, Cindel Towani, and Kay Galfridian

  12. But didn’t we already have one of these? Granted, Sia was a little on the dull side (although in her defense I never finished Legacy I don’t think) but I don’t hold out a lot of hope for a female Solo descendant to be handled well :/ Call me a pessimist

  13. I’m not sure if the Imperial Fels were ever officially said to be Solo descendants, but even if they were, it’s highly unlikely that they’re the only line descended from Jag/Jaina. Allana probably has more than one kid or grandkid, too, even if her descendants are still ruling Hapes.

    I’d like to see someone a little (a lot) smarter and luckier than Cade was about staying under the radar. There’s a lot of galaxy to cover outside of the Imperials and One Sith.

  14. I can’t believe they’re doing it again. I am so sick of the “[Main character]’s descendant has to save the galaxy” storyline. How many great-grandchildren of important real figures do you know of that showed up to take up their ancestor’s mantle? I was fine with Cade since he was going to follow a direct Jedi lineage and naturally would become a Jedi — that merry band that always seems to have an adventure coming. The great-grandaughter of a smuggler and a politician will probably not end up being either of those. This just kills my suspension of disbelief. It doesn’t mean I won’t end up liking it, sure, but in addition to that it makes me wary of whther or not the story will be a quality one. It screams of the tropes of indulgent fan-fiction about to be played totally straight. “I just hope I can live up to the legacy of my ancestor who lived a century ago…”

  15. Mike, while I agree that it’s a little ridiculous that it’s only Skywalker/Solo’s saving the galaxy all the time, you do know that Leia/Jaina/Allana are all Jedi so this girl very well could be as well right?

  16. Solo descendant on an adventure? Exciting! I’d rather that she not be a Jedi, honestly, or anyone important to the galactic stage…if only because I like to get a Star Wars story every once in a while where the main character gets by without incredible governmental resources or magical powers.

    Also, I’ll happily read this if they strip away the “grim and gritty for gritty grimness’s sake” mentality of the original Legacy and feature art where everyone doesn’t look like they’re furious and screaming and doing a gymnastics routine all of the time. That stuff got old way before Cade’s inability to grow as a character did, and that got old by the end of the second arc.

  17. +1 Doyle. I LOL’ed.

    I liked Legacy, actually, but the “grim and gritty for gritty grimness’s sake” is something that’s annoying me about the EU generally for years now.

  18. Sure, it’s /possible/ that she could be a Jedi, or at least Force-sensitive, but they gave her a blaster pistol in the solicit. That generally says otherwise, and I’m kinda hoping for something more than a “Jedi rebuilding the Order” storyline, too. So maybe I’m reading a bit more into that than I usually would, out of hope. ^^

  19. i’m hoping she’s not a jedi – to be more true to the movie characters of han and leia. and dark horse has shown that it can dip into the waters of non-jedi/non-sith storytelling, with the current Agent of the Empire series. what if she’s actually just a nobody, like Doyle suggests, an everyman/woman character that gets pulled into the adventure, the way that Luke was, before he learned his heritage?

  20. That’s pretty much exactly what I want with this set-up. Someone who thinks it’s cool that she had an awesome ancestor, but isn’t to be a galaxy-hopping badass from the jump and -certainly- isn’t expected to be of galactic significance because she’s descended from main characters. As we go further into into the after-FOTJ EU, the writers need to resist the temptation to drop random links to the event of a -century- ago like they’re obligatory. The universe could move along and can stand on its own if they would just -let it-. They’re making Star Wars feel small.

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