Legacy #3 delay explained

Jan Duursema on TheForce.net Boards:

Many apologies for the delay with issue 3. Sometimes even when you think it’s all covered, there’s that one last unforseen thing that does not fall neatly into place.

We’re exploring some new territory in Star Wars with this one. Personally, I think it will be worth the wait. After 3, we should be back on track with the rest. In the meantime, I keep wondering–when this issue finally hits the stands, will we hear individual screams or will be it more like the sound of a whole planet…

Also, it seems that A Practical Man, the NJO-era Boba Fett e-novella by Karen Traviss, is available now. Won’t be much help for those of us yearning for some post-NJO action, but I suppose Fettheads need love, too.

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