Latest The Clone Wars webcomic is in

Now appearing is ‘Procedure,’ written by Pablo Hidalgo and illustrated by Grant Gould. (Oh, and interface complaints should apparently be directed to these folks. Often.)

4 Replies to “Latest The Clone Wars webcomic is in”

  1. I don’t think I’ve said this since Episode I, but I am getting overwhelmed by the volume of Clone Wars things coming out.

    Episodes. Previews. Comics. Holonet News programs.


  2. You too, huh?

    I’m hoping it dies down, because I really don’t need this in the middle of the presidential election circus.

  3. So in conclusion, we’re ruining the future of the country by giving fans too much Clone Wars content?

    oooooh the power!


  4. Can’t speak for Paula, but worst case scenario for me would be that I drop off the face of the blog for a while, since no one is paying me for this.

    Not exactly country-ruining. ;)

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