Latest street date shuffle: Choices of One, Ascension, Heir to the Empire and Riptide

Del Rey announced a few schedule tweaks on Facebook today. The changes are due to “an adjustment to the book schedule as dictated by our publisher.”

Moving up are Zahn’s Choices of One (from July 19th to July 12th – the same day as one of the year’s most anticipated fantasy) and Golden’s Fate of the Jedi: Ascension (From August 23 to August 9.)

The pushbacks are just a tad more dramatic, sadly. Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition moves the most, from June 28 to September 13 — the same week as the Blu-Rays. Kemp’s Riptide goes almost a full month, from September 27 to October 25.

Our release schedule has been updated.

13 Replies to “Latest street date shuffle: Choices of One, Ascension, Heir to the Empire and Riptide

  1. Oh DRAT!!! I don’t want to wait longer for the HttE!!! I wonder how this will affect their rollout of preview annotations?

  2. I suppose we’ll just get more?

    But yeah, kinda sucks that that’s the one that got pushed back the most. :P

  3. !!!!!!!! That is WAY too long of a wait for HttE! GRRR ARGH!

    I am glad to see Choices of One move up, as now I’ll have something to read while I’m in line to see Harry Potter. Heh.

  4. Okay, the main book I care about is getting pushed back too late to get it autographed at Origins. REALLY annoyed by this. ::grumble::

  5. Sigh. I was only planning to buy one of those, and it happened to be the one moved back by months.

  6. On Facebook, this is the reply to my crack about the Darkside at work on the HTTE delay:
    “No Darkside Paula, we’re just trying to do right for such an amazing and important book. We want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. I know the delay is not good news but based on everything I’m seeing of this book so far it will be worth the wait. (ES)”

    I still think it’s the Darkside. :)

  7. like eliz mentioned, does that mean we’ll be getting a lot more annotations in preview, or will the set allocated be stretched out all the way to release date?

  8. Thanks for lining everything up in one place. I just checked at Amazon that my preorders were all in place.

  9. That’s the whole reason for the out this week posts!

    I’m pretty casual about street dates for the most part. (With a few exceptions: A Dance with Dragons, etc.) But for the blog, it’s just news, and keeping stuff up to date. I don’t freak out about it really, otherwise. Sked changes happen.

    People do seem to care, though – the sked page is one of the most popular and most Googled page on the whole site. Probably on a casual basis, but still.

    I don’t always do an entry for this sort of thing, though – if it had just been Choices of One and/or something else moving up/back a week, I would have just updated the sked page and mentioned it on Twitter.

  10. I care, I have all the up and comings saved in an amazon wish list and update it according to what I read on here. Sad I know!

    On the plus side I’m getting married next month and was wondering how I was going to justify buying Heir to the Empire. So now I won’t have to wait knowing its sat in the bookstore. :)

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