Kotobukiya teases Bishoujo Mara Jade

Kotobukiya Mara Jade (tease)

Kotobukiya has posted a detail of their upcoming Mara Jade figure on Facebook. We already have a pretty good idea of what she’ll look like, but this is the closest we’ve gotten so far.

The figure will reportedly be out in February.

4 Replies to “Kotobukiya teases Bishoujo Mara Jade”

  1. I’m actually digging that detail shot! (Obligatory ‘must it be the catsuit comment’ but it looks cool so far!)

  2. At this point, I’ll take the catsuit, as I’m willing to bet this wil be the last piece of Mara Jade merchandise fans will be receiving (card game art not withstanding). Pretty excited for this figure!

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