Kevin Smith is coming to Celebration!

Finally, a surprise!

Director and fanboy extraordinaire Kevin Smith will be heading to Orlando for Celebration, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

“I took my fandom of ‘Star Wars’ and kind of made it one of the cornerstones of what I do,” Smith said Thursday. Mentions of the films were worked into “Clerks” and “Mallrats,” two early Smith films.

“It kind of became expected that anytime I was making a flick there would be some sort of ‘Star Wars’ joke or reference,” said Smith, 41. “I kept it up for a long, long time.”

Smith will be hosting “An Evening with Kevin Smith” on Thursday, August 23rd at the Orange County Convention Center. Tickets (which, yes, will have to be purchased separately) will go on sale to current attendees on Monday. (via)

UPDATED: The Ticketmaster page for the event (Thanks to Justin!) gives it a starting time of 7pm. The TFN/FanForce Party is the same night, at 8pm. Will Kevin Smith speak until midnight? If so, there’s a choice to be made…

3 Replies to “Kevin Smith is coming to Celebration!”

  1. OMG.

    This was on my wishlist/survey thing– because COME ON, he’s a huge fan and awesome.


  2. Maaaaaan! Why’d he have to pick Thursday night. Last time we tried for Saturday are ran up against Last Tour of Endor, changed to Thursday. This time we try Thursday and run up against Kevin Smith. We just can’t win! /whine over.

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