Katie update: Geeks share the love

Katie, the young Star Wars fan who was bullied for liking Star Wars, has been getting a lot of love in a short time.

In addition to several pieces by several prominent female geeks, GeekingOutAbout.com reports that the stars of The Clone Wars have offered up some sweet gifts and opportunities for her.  (The numbers have already changed drastically from when this article was written.)

Katie has also received many offers of toys and other collectibles.  But the family is requesting that you donate those, instead, to a charity.  I know the 501st is about to kick in to the Toys for Tots season.  It might be a sweet way to honor one small voice who has inspired so many.

One Reply to “Katie update: Geeks share the love”

  1. I can’t believe that this kind of crap is allowed by teachers at school. I am incredibly defensive of any of my students with different opinions, even those who like Twilight, for God’s sake!

    Of course, when I was in junior high, I had an English teacher who told me, on a daily basis, that my Star Wars books were “boy stuff,” so I guess we’re still working against biased teachers, too…

    Good idea for donating those toys to charity, though. I’m sure that a little girl whose parents are awesome enough to buy her a Star Wars water bottle are awesome enough to shop for sweet Star Wars toys, too.

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