Karen Traviss hints at future work

With the odd-day The Clone Wars release out and up, Del Rey has an excerpt from the book and an interview with Traviss, where she talks about the new book, her writing process, and briefly touches on some of her upcoming Star Wars work…

I’m continuing the Republic Commando series in Imperial Commando books. There are a few other SW books in the pipeline too, including a Boba Fett one.

Comics are also mentioned, but not whether they’re Star Wars or something else.

One Reply to “Karen Traviss hints at future work”

  1. Ooooh, stories about Imperials that can shoot straight and couldn’t ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, be beaten by a group of technologically backward little fuzzy bears!!! ;-)

    Seriously, I for one, am glad that Karen will continue her RC series, even if it does mean that the good guys are now the bad guys written as if they are the good guys!

    Interestingly, apart from Death Star and Dark Lord, her IC books would be the first mass-market book to tell the SW story from a strictly Imperial pov.

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