Journalists see full episode of The Clone Wars

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Tuned-in Journal (It’s a blog, dude: Just call it a blog) has a surprisingly detailed description of the episode’s contents. Worth noting: It made a ‘a positive impression.’

Spoilers are black-barred and reproduced beneath the cut.

The episode’s opening featured a re-orchestrated “Star Wars” theme song and an announcer whose voice sounds like a World War II news reel announcer.

The episode featured Jedi master Yoda on a trip to a planet to convince a leader to allow the Republic to build a base nearby. Evil Count Dooku sends evil Asajj Ventress to win the aliens’ alliance before Yoda’s arrival.

There’s a maturity to the storytelling as Yoda gives the clones a pep talk, saying, “Clones you may be, but The Force resides in all life forms.”

Later, in an amusing and unexpected moment, Yoda beheads a droid as it talks with Ventress via a hologram transmitter.

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  1. Wow–I’m scared to read the full articles for fear of spoilers, but these are the latest headlines from the news aggregator:

    FANS: Celebration Japan Schedule
    Oh my gosh! Star Wars: The Clone Wars rocks!
    Clone Wars Three Words: It Was Awesome!
    The Clone Wars Review: “Impressive”
    Clone Wars Series First Look

    Either they hand-pick the most positive reviews, or the praise seems to be pretty much unanimous….

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