Joss speaks out

Joss Whedon comments about Fox’s shutdown of the BTVS “Once More With Feeling” singalong showings. Says the Master: “This is hugely depressing. I will do everything in my power to find out the exact reasoning for this and try to convince those responsible what a mistake it is.” (Via Cleolinda)

3 Replies to “Joss speaks out”

  1. Let’s face it: Fox hates Joss. Joss needs to break out and do what Lucas did, go independent.

  2. Ya know, I always wonder what it must be like to create such a successful franchise (or in this case reimagined from the original movie) and then have zero control over how the fans are treated after you’re on to the next project. It’s sad to me that Joss has to stand up for his own fans and their right to have fun with the Buffy franchise.

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