Jon Favreau talks storytelling, tech and The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau talks to The Hollywood Reporter about The Mandalorian and his other ventures in a wide-ranging article that confirms that a trailer for the Disney+ series is coming to D23.

He talks about how the TV model allowed him to work on Mandalorian, and how technology has changed since The Phantom Menace, complete with a George Lucas cameo:

This is 20 years later, and also there’s been a democratization of the skill set too. It’s no longer a few vendors innovating in ivory towers, that information has been expanded and disseminated and democratized so that effects that would cost you millions of dollars, you can do it on a PC now, with consumer-facing filmmaking tools. When George came to our set and visited The Mandalorian, he said, “Oh, we did this,” and what he meant was, “We had green screen and we were building small sets and expanding upon it.” Now, we have video walls, NVIDIA video cards that allow a refresh rate that allows you to do in-camera effects, we’re in there taking advantage of the cutting-edge stuff.

He discusses storytelling, technology, the MCU, his new venture Golem Creations and more. We also get a look at some Mandalorian character models.

The Mandalorian trailer is expected during the Disney+ presentation at D23 on Friday.