Jawajames’ recap in photos of Star Wars Celebration VI Friday

Dunc has covered all the news, and I’m just the guy who takes the pictures. and organizes the Bounty Hunt puzzle hunt event at Celebration. So anyway, here’s some of the best of the photos. If you want to see the full set, I have a photo album just of Friday at Celebration VI (170 shots of the Del Rey panel, cupcakes, Friday Bounty Hunt, random costumes) on flickr.

Snowspeeder and E-Web Blaster

Del Rey Star Wars Books panel

Timothy Zahn, Troy Denning, Shelly Shapiro

Drew Karpyshyn, James Luceno, Aaron Allston

James Luceno, Aaron Allston, Pablo Hidalgo

Troy Denning, Shelly Shapiro, Jennifer Heddle, Drew Karpyshyn

Siblings: Jacen in his Darth Caedus, Jaina as Sword of the Jedi

Cupcakes! Yes, I ate four. But that was my lunch.

Searching for hidden clues in the Bounty Hunt with a UV light!

There’s also my album of Wednesday and Thursday. And my photos from the TheForce.net / Rebelscum / FanForce / ForceCast party on Thursday night. Laziest post ever! But it’s after 2 am. Two more days of Celebration!