Jadecon is on, we’re busy

James, Paula and I are all in Columbus at Origins for Club Jade’s annual JadeCon gathering, and blogging will be spotty for the rest of the week. Or at least until my laptop power cord arrives. (D’oh!) There will be tweeting, but that’s about it unless something absolutely earth-shattering comes down the pipe. (Did I just guarantee that something absolutely earth-shattering will break? If so, you’re welcome.) We’ll catch up on Monday. Mondayish.

4 Replies to “Jadecon is on, we’re busy”

  1. The first thing broke already: McCaig and Chiang are back on the sequels. Or the spin-offs. Or whatever. But they’re back and en route to Celebration Europe.
    Which is great, by the way, since I really loved their work can now hope to run into them and sneak an autograph. Or something. Yay! :-)

    1. All I saw was them going to CE, which seems an odd choice to lead with, but whatever. I have liquor to go buy.

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