JadeCon ’08: Newsblogging on hold. Maybe.

In what is either the best or worst timing ever, Club Jade will be gathering for our first JadeCon since 2006 starting in the morning. So, sorry to disappoint, but (serious) blogging may or may not resume until Thursday. Or maybe Monday. Tuesday? (I’ll try – but bet on nothistory agrees.) In the meantime, keep an eye on our pals at StarWars.com, TFN, EUC, and Lightsabre for actual news.

Or you can look at this:


I blame Yav.

7 Replies to “JadeCon ’08: Newsblogging on hold. Maybe.”

  1. JadeCon? I want to be invited to JadeCon! I can bring cocktails and droids and troopers and lightsaber cozies!

  2. Yeah, but I only want to interview the cool people going to Jadecon.
    Oh if only I’d known about this in advance!!

    And Bon, what’s a Lightsabre cozie?

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