It’s September 16. Do you know where your Star Wars Blu-rays are?

With the Blu-rays out today, the Star Wars publicity machine has been out in full force this week, the shamelessness cumulating (…perhaps) with letting three Jawas and a Stormtrooper loose in New York City. Do they double as a sitcom pitch? (Can we get Humpy in on that?) Meanwhile, London got a giant lightsaber.

We’re hearing reports that some stores are not stocking huge amounts of the discs, so if you’re picking it up today, plan accordingly. (If not, Amazon’s still pricing the set at $79.99.)

But it’s really all about the Blu-rays themselves… And as they’ve made their way into more hands, the more reports we have of the inevitable tweaks that have been made to the movies. Screenrant hits the (so-far) major notes, while DVD Active takes a more detailed look at the original trilogy changes, comparing frames from several different releases.

We’ll likely see more reviews throughout the day (check back!) but Entertainment Weekly and The Toronto Sun got a jump on things Thursday evening. Today, we have reviews from Big Shiny Robot, IGN, and GeekDad.

But of course, we all know the best way to deal with George and co. tweaking the movies yet again: Make funnies. The most popular spoof making the rounds is probably George Lucas re-edits classic movies, and maybe it’s the hour, but I couldn’t help but crack up at Conan’s take. And, of course, no controversy is complete without a ridiculous video by Taiwan’s NMA World Edition.

But of course, eventually your rage will cool, and you just have to make your peace with the fact that George doesn’t care, George doesn’t give a shit, and make your peace with it. If not, well, there’s a t-shirt for that.

But enough of that emo bullshit. Got your copy yet?

6 Replies to “It’s September 16. Do you know where your Star Wars Blu-rays are?”

  1. Don’t be hating folks. I’ve only watched a little of ANH. It’s amazing! And the sound is mind-blowing!!

    And the deleted scenes? They made me downright giddy.

  2. Haven’t gotten mine yet. The local Wal-Mart (who happen to be the only retail store within 50 miles to carry it) are charging $89.99 and somehow the state tax is bringing the total to about $105 when it should be closer to $95 with tax. I’m more than a little irked.

  3. Just finished watching TPM: In general it’s looking fantastic. All those details, the amazing costumes, Liam’s beard, Jar Jar’s skin (honestly: wow! I would never have guessed that they put in all those little details, but there they are)… Great movie, great format, I’m happy! :-)

    Just two things to wine about for the record:
    1. The scenes added for the DVD in 2001 (?) look really bad. Not animatic bad, but they’re very noticeable, and not in the good way. Remaking Yoda was no thing, but they missed that? Plus making the podrace longer was a bad decision in the first place, so cutting out 5 minutes would be a win either way.
    2. Boss Nass needs new clothes. Seriously, rework the poor guy. His cloak looked artificial in 1999 and the Blu-ray hasn’t improved matters. You did it for Ahsoka, you can do it again.

    Oh, and the deleted scenes: Great! Seriously, they were all I ever hoped for and more. I may be 30 years late, but thank you for cutting out the wampas. Horrible footage! The sandstorm had its moments, and some of the rebel pilots for the Endor battle were terrific (grandma was great!), plus the “Luke, Luuuuke” part is so very corny that I can’t help loving it, but all in all: Good decision! ;-)

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