It’s official: Episode VII is shooting in Abu Dhabi… And you could win a chance to be in the movie!

We’ve already seen some evidence, but Lucasfilm and Abu Dhabi’s twofour54 announced today that they are indeed currently filming in the UAE. “We were very excited to start the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII in Abu Dhabi,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said in a statement. “It has been an incredible place to commence this journey.” J.J. Abrams “and cast” (we’re not sure who) flew to Abu Dhabi “in early May.” Hundreds of crew are working currently, and “key production staff” have been working with the locals since January.

Fans can also win a chance to be in the film, as part of A Force For Change, a new initiative with UNICEF.

The Hollywood Reporter’s sources say they’re recreating parts of Tatooine there, as one might expect from the clip, which bears a strong resemblance to the Mos Espa market in The Phantom Menace. Variety has a few more details on the financial arrangements.

Now on to important matters: What the hell is that thing on the right?


13 Replies to “It’s official: Episode VII is shooting in Abu Dhabi… And you could win a chance to be in the movie!”

  1. It’s a puppet. A real puppet. And it rocks. It completely rocks. I want to buy one of its birds. Whoever you are, little fellow, mesa luv you! #OverTheMoon

    1. Yes, an honest to goodness 1980’s Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth looking puppet. This is so great.

  2. It reminds me of a turtle… Still cool and exciting that this is happening!
    Back to the twin suns again… wouldn’t the same without that double sun picture.


    I don’t think the Hollywood Reporter means that they’re recreating Jabba’s palace – I think they’re saying “Tatooine, home of the Skywalkers and Jabba’s Palace.” At least I hope they’re not setting it in Jabba’s palace…

  4. More than anything, this set reminds me of the very early images released from Episode I. (That’s not a bad thing in my book.)

    1. I love the look of that alien! And yes, it does have that early Episode I look and feel to it. Well my excitement level for this movie just sky-rocketed once more :)

  5. He’s adorable! I just want to squish his little face.

    I wonder if they brought Henson in or have just tried to create on their own?

    And someone buy me the private screening thing on Omaze, okiday?

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