Is Vector starting with a whimper or a bang?

Dante Maddox of Crave reviews Knights of the Old Republic #25. Words of wisdom:

At no point have I ever looked at the expanded universe and thought, “What a mess!”

Clearly, a man who has never visited the TFN boards. More power to him: I’m not sure how many EU fans even realize how good we have it, even with the occasional gaffe.

As for Vector… I’ve never picked up KOTOR before, but I was not impressed by the issue. Maybe I’ll warm up to it as the story progresses (it took me about ten issues into Legacy to see it as anything more than fanboy wish-fulfillment) but for now, my verdict: Whimper. That’s not to say it might not pan out in the end, but for now, I remain skeptical.

Is anyone else jumping into KOTOR cold? Or, old-time readers… What do you think?

2 Replies to “Is Vector starting with a whimper or a bang?”

  1. I have been reading KotOR since issue 1 and after an awesome close to the last arc Vector seems a bit slow. Most of the ensemble cast is missing (at least from the “good guys” side) and there is quite of exposition. I chalk it up to being part of the “make it accessible to new readers” gaol Dark Horse has for the series. That being said, I enjoyed the issue. My only real complaint would be that the art was a bit “off” but, when compared to that of Dark Times 8 which came out on the same day KotOR looks like a Michelangelo…

  2. I’ve only read KotOR issues 1-12 (the first two trade paperbacks, really.. ) but they were *awesome*. The guy doing Vector isn’t the usual KotOR artist; it usually alternates between Brian Ching and Dustin Weaver, both of whom are *awesome*.

    (If it’s any comfort, it took quite a few people a while for KotOR to click when it started. If you do end up enjoying the Vector arc, you should pick up the earlier trades in the series. It’s great stuff.)

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