Is this Ahsoka’s new look?

This still from the new Star Wars Insider shows a new outfit for Ahsoka: Perhaps even a permanent one, if and their Twitter are to be believed. And from Amy’s reaction, I take it to be a tad bit controversial.

It doesn’t bother me. Quite frankly, at this point, anything resembling a real shirt is a step in the right direction. My only beef with the cutout is that it, like the tube top that preceded, seems a bit dated as a design element. Which actually makes it pretty in-character for both Ahsoka and the GFFA as a whole – Jedi mullets, anyone? Or even NJO Luke’s Gordon Gekko ‘do?

Of course, there’s always the option that she simply raided the most modest garment from Asajj’s closet, and it’ll be gone as quickly as the red jumpsuit from ‘Cargo of Doom.’

But is it really so shocking that the character might be an actual teen by now? Move along, move along.

8 Replies to “Is this Ahsoka’s new look?”

  1. Very cool!

    Considering that we know that Obi-Wan’s getting a new outfit, I think it’s safe to assume that each of the new main characters will be getting redesigned, to some extent.

  2. I like it, mostly because I like seeing how they are subtly changing the character models. I look forward to seeing the progression, and I think this is a good step forward for Ahsoka.

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