Is Star Wars going to take over Toontown at Disneyland?

toontownIs Disneyland sacrificing Mickey’s Toontown for the long-awaited Star Wars area? Micechat is claiming that construction will begin there by 2016.

It does seem to make more sense than MiceChat’s previous Tomorrowland rumor – Tomorrowland has not only been a part of the park since inception, it’s getting it’s own movie next year. Toontown only opened in 1993, and the Disney World version was closed in 2011.

Apparently there’ll be some sort of Disneyland announcement later this week that may or may not have anything for us but /Film speculates we won’t hear anything about Star Wars plans until Celebration or the D23 Expo next year, which is in line with what we’ve heard before.

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    1. Could work, but it definitely would be weird to have Star Tours near the front of the park with the rest of the Star Wars themed stuff in the back. Wonder if there’s any untouched room over at DCA

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