Is Gary Kurtz coming to Celebration? (Very likely.)

Gary Kurtz, right, with Irvin Kershner on the set of ESBAn item appeared briefly on Reed’s blog yesterday saying that Gary Kurtz, producer of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, will be at Celebration V. The post was removed (though it may linger in some RSS feeds) because the contract signing had to be postponed, but it is for real..

In other CV news, Charlie Ross is bringing his One Man Star Wars Trilogy to the con

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  1. Ben Stevens said this on the Rebelscum forums:

    “Kurtz was to be announced yesterday. He had an unexpected trip a couple of days ago that prevented him from signing the contract. So, until it’s signed, we will hold off on making him ‘official’. Hope to have him up on Monday, but it’s really up to his schedule. You may have seen him pop up on a couple of sites for a few minutes. That’s just the advance programming in place for the announcements. More soon…. plus yet another unexpected “YES, sure I’ll come sign” from another very cool name!”


  2. Actually, Kurtz was at Celebration IV (though without his legendary beard). But he was there as a producer for 5-25-77 (now just ’77). And I actually sat a row behind him at another panel… I think it was John Knoll’s.

  3. Nice guy, met him 2 weeks ago at Collectormania. Signed a very neat image of himself in Finse on the set of ESB in ’79. Would be great to find out the real insider story on the reasons for the GL/GK split (I’ve only heard rumours)

  4. Kurtz and Lucas shared a stage together at the 30th anniversary academy screening of SW in Beverly Hills, too.

  5. Mark,

    Empire came in way over budget and that’s a huge reason he and Lucas stopped working together.

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