Is Felicity Jones Rogue One’s Smurfette?


Felicity Jones’ character is indeed front and center of Rogue One so far, and no one is unhappy with the racial diversity of the ensemble, but there has been some very definite pushback on yet another cast that is – at least initially – very low on women. Will we see more ladies added like we did with The Force Awakens or is this just the latest example of the Smurfette Principle in action?

→ Does Diego Luna’s mustache look familiar? From a viral @eleventhirtyate tweet to /Film in two days. And there’s more overanalysis at Rebels Report.

→ What the Rogue One picture tells us about what’s coming up. Might there even be… set visits? Gasp!

→ Spoiler corner: Set construction pics at Cardington.

5 Replies to “Is Felicity Jones Rogue One’s Smurfette?”

  1. It’s also weird that there are no aliens on their team. I know the Rebels were mostly human in the original films, and maybe Disney is trying to replicate that, but I think the rest of the Star Wars mythos has firmly established that there’s a pretty healthy ratio between humans and other species.

    1. Alan Tudyk is playing a motion-capture character, and my guess is that he’ll be an alien on their side.

  2. I am going to be really dissappointed, if Rogue One goes by the smurfette principle. While I think it’s great that Ms. Jones clearly seems to be lead, the lack of other women in supporting roles and escpecially the TOTAL absence of women of color is beyond annoying. It’s downright offending. Star Wars has a serious problem here. And I don’t count Lupita as representation since she is going to play a CGI character.
    So yeah, one step forward. One step back.
    You could do better Star Wars.

  3. Some of this could be a nod to the old WWII movies, where there was the notion of the “multi-ethnic unit”. Think on most of the US units shown in WWII movies – you’ve got your farm boy, an Italian, a Jewish guy, etc. Historically, that wasn’t accurate – but for movies to show the diversity of the force, the unit would have one character for each check mark.

    Looking at the picture of the unit there – that’s old fashion war-movie style unit construction (with the addition of a “woman”). Except the old standard was each character fit one ethnic option and one only.

    I’m not saying that this is good or bad – just that if Rogue 1 is playing off of the “War” genre, they appear to have set the cast via slightly modernized war genre casting standards.

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