Interview: Timothy Zahn on Scoundrels

With Scoundrels just released in hardcover, author Timothy Zahn has been on a book tour of the West Coast. I was able to spend a few minutes with him before his signing at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy bookstore on Saturday to chat about Scoundrels and what else he’s got in the pipeline. Stay tuned later this week for more video from the signing, including Tim discussing how Scoundrels came to be, and audience Q & A.P1160317

6 Replies to “Interview: Timothy Zahn on Scoundrels

  1. Great job James! And thanks to Tim too :)

    I hope hope hope Disney goes forward with EU novels, I really want to read their take on the cross-generational Horn story.

    But really, Tim, Mike and Aaron collaborating on a book/story/series (gotta dream!) would be epic and an awesome tale.

  2. Nice interview! Zahn and Stackpole co-wrote a Mara Jade comics years ago, which was pretty fun (although the ending was a bit of a whimper).

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