Inappropriate fannish behavior du jour

A Supernatural fan asks security to remove Jensen Ackles’ girlfriend from the convention. Or at least claims to have done so on her Livejournal. Key quote:

I was actually pissed to see her sitting behind him killing my fan squee, she was a total buzz kill, I mean seriously to sit there while he is with fans was tacky IMO.

And another, from the comments:

hahaha i heard she was a bit of a cock block for fans

Bravo, ladies. Bravo. (via)

5 Replies to “Inappropriate fannish behavior du jour”

  1. Really?

    I mean, Really?

    I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. The people I know from this fandom write porn about Jensen and his girlfriend. And about Jensen and Jared. And about–well, let’s just say that I love my friends, but there are reasons I stay the heck away from the SPN fandom.

  2. I think Twilight fans scare me more, because at least Supernatural itself is a good show (from what I’ve seen of it). I cannot for the life of me understand why the fandom revolves around porn, but I don’t really understand shippers in general, so what do I know?

  3. Um… please don’t lump all Supernatural fans in with the few nut jobs out there. Most of us deplore acts of stupidity and lunacy like this. Too bad Security didn’t cast her out on the street instead.

  4. She’s now claiming it was a joke. Even her apology smacks of moderate insanity.

    The crazies are everywhere!

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