In the news: George Lucas takes in some fashion

Random… George Lucas at Fashion Week? Yes, indeed: Lucas was spotted at the Rodarte show on Tuesday with girlfriend Mellody Hobson. According to one report, Lucas is “obsessed” with the work of the women behind the label, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. (Maybe George is thinking about costumes for one of his art films?)

Also at the show was Natalie Portman, who was wearing Rodarte when she got her Oscar for Black Swan last year – they designed the movie’s costumes.

Sith strategists? Forbes’ Alex Knapp looks at five leadership mistakes of the Galactic Empire.

It’s an industry. In his latest Film Critic column, John Scalzi looks at why Star Wars just won’t go away.

Haters gonna hate. Has-been mouth-frother Glenn Beck went on a rant about Star Wars this week. In addition to hating on The Phantom Menace (so last week) he also hated on… Red Tails? Really? For what it’s worth, Rick McCallum is thrilled.

Listen. Geeky band The Board of Education has a cute song about Star Wars called ‘Why Is Dad So Mad?’

4 Replies to “In the news: George Lucas takes in some fashion”

  1. My initial thought when I saw George was at Fashion Week was, “The things guys do for their girlfriends.” But it makes sense that George would get into fashion, at some point. He does love design.

    And I love Rick’s comment about Beck. You gotta like a guy with snark.

  2. Come on George, get into the fashion business. I need my closet full of Seattle-grade flannel to suddenly become trendy.

  3. That Glenn Beck rant just tripled my respect for Rick McCallum and raised my opinion of the prequels. :P

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