In the news: Family Guy, Amanda Lucas, 501st

CreedoDear media: Over the last few weeks I have seen about a million references to the Sex and the City movie as ‘Star Wars for women.’ I’ve rolled my eyes pretty much every time. Please stop, or I’ll be forced to commit further crimes of photoshoppery.

4 Replies to “In the news: Family Guy, Amanda Lucas, 501st”

  1. Wow. That is actually pretty damn cool — go Amanda! I know you wouldn’t catch me in the ring with the New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts champion. I would be running far, far away.

  2. So Sex in the City is Star Wars for women? I think I need to hurl now.

  3. I don’t get the whole mixed martial arts thing, but go Amanda! That takes guts.

    As for Sex and the City being Star Wars for women? Not this woman.

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