I think I read a fanfic like this once

First look at the cover for Timothy Zahn’s Allegiance is very, ah, white and shiny. Apparently the plot has something to do with rogue stormtroopers, which we didn’t know before. We did know the setting was between A New Hope and Empire, and Luke, Han, Leia, and Mara Jade are all involved.

The book is out in hardcover early next year.

2 Replies to “I think I read a fanfic like this once”

  1. Wow, and I haven’t read a Star Wars book in *years*. Zahn and the OT could bring me back.

    Which, of course, is what they’re aiming for with that.

  2. I wouldn’t mind reading a novel that tells of Mara Jade as the Emperor’s Hand. Rogue stormtroopers… Interesting. Zahn has never really been one of my favorite Star Wars authors though. We’ll see how this book turns out.

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