I Am Legend director offered Catching Fire

Lionsgate has selected Francis Lawrence to helm The Hunger Games sequel, says the The Hollywood Reporter. It’s not a sure thing quite yet – just an offer – but this is quick work for the studio, which failed to come to an agreement with Gary Ross earlier in the month.

Lawrence, no relation to star Jennifer Lawrence, is no stranger to adaptions: He directed Water for Elephants (2011,) I Am Legend (2007,) and the much-lamented Constantine (2005.) More in his favor for the world of Hunger Games may be his work the short-lived NBC drama Kings, aka the TV show that Ian McShane did not swear in.

He also directed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video. How strangely appropriate…

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  1. He’s got a pretty good genre pedigree(to my mind, Constantine’s biggest problem was that it just wasn’t a very good Hellblazer adaptation), and has always come off as–at the very least–a solid, working director. Handles action well, works with actors well…he could be an excellent choice.

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