How not to further your career in Hollywood

Tyler Nelson, the extra who leaked (possible) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull plot points is in deep poodoo with the film’s Powers That Be – Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, Page Six reports. In deference to the (possible) spoilers at the link:

Spielberg, furious Nelson blabbed, has reportedly snipped his scene.

Spielberg’s spokesman, Marvin Levy, wouldn’t say whether any of Nelson’s spoilers are accurate, but noted: “Who knows whether that particular person will ever work in this town again?”

Reached by Page Six yesterday, Nelson told us, “No comment. I’m not supposed to talk about it.” But his rep at the Thomas Talent Agency said, “He’s in trouble. He’s got to know that he can’t do that.”

Meanwhile, Slate offers an image macro.

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  1. Whoops, forgot the chip there– or– in other news, someone who suggested cutting the budget by reducing the number of impants is getting a new job…

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