Hope springs eternal for Star Wars fans


Per a new survey, 63% of Star Wars fans expect The Force Awakens to be the franchise’s best movie yet. Oh, but wait – it gets better:

Just 15% of fans surveyed cited director J.J. Abrams as fueling their high hopes for “Force Awakens.” Most of the excitement surrounds VFX: 36% of respondents said “more advanced CGI” technology is a reason it will be the best “Star Wars” movie yet. Meanwhile, 25% cited a “more interesting story”; another 25% expect the movie to be “more true to the ‘Star Wars’ series”; and 14% pointed to a better cast.

Now, I’m cautiously optimistic about the new film, but it’s hard to side-eye this. I mean, it’s not like sky-high expectations have ever come to bite us in the ass before, right?


Oh, fandom. Never change.

6 Replies to “Hope springs eternal for Star Wars fans”

  1. Reading this article was like a splash of cold water to the face. It reminded me of the anticipation I felt leading up to the release of Episode One. Now, I’m a little afraid….

    1. I don’t think it’s wrong to be excited, but I think expecting ‘THE BEST STAR WARS EVEAAAAHHHH’ is a bit much. Better than ROTJ/AOTC/TPM, okay. But better than ESB? That bar is high.

  2. I cannot get over how much Daisy looks like Natalie Portman in this shot. Oh dear, am I fueling the fire? ;-)

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