Her Universe scores The Walking Dead license

'Dead Inside' hoodieRicktatorship tee

Just in time for SDCC, Her Universe adds another franchise – They’re now making products based on AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead. It’s not a show I’m all that familiar with, but one thing’s for sure – that hoodie is killer. (There’s more, including a dress, at the link!)

The line isn’t online yet, but it will be available at at San Diego Comic-Con so we’ll no doubt be seeing it soon.

(Star Wars fans, there’s something new for us, too – An Artoo dress at Hot Topic!)

3 Replies to “Her Universe scores The Walking Dead license”

  1. So now Her Universe goes from handling Imperial walkers to just walkers. That “Don’t Open Dead Inside” hoodie is pretty smart. and scary. and Michonne gets her own shirt. i still think we need one that says “Carl, get back in the house.”

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