Her Universe: Ashley shows off new Phantom Menace-inspired t-shirt

Her Universe gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Queen’ shirt on Facebook today. Get ready to look for it “really soon.”

6 Replies to “Her Universe: Ashley shows off new Phantom Menace-inspired t-shirt”

  1. I like it- but besides the make up what makes it particularly fannish? I think a subtle but meaningful way to tie it back would have been to use the Naboo symbol in the art over the word Queen.

    Still not a bad shirt and I’m sure it will be popular, especially with copying the make up at the usual events this year!

  2. I agree with the “not especially fannish” comments.

    With Darth Maul being the focus of the TPM merchandizing, I realize that I would love to see an artsy, elegant take on his markings and color scheme from Her Universe. Would that be too weird?

  3. not everyone wants in-your-face-star-wars. some people want subtle and like getting the nods from the people who really know their stuff.

  4. I stand corrected– Jen’s right, that is the Naboo symbol from last summer’s charm. The picture cut off the top to me and looked more like a flourish.

    Still not my favorite. Might try the earrings though- always get compliments on my Imperial earrings- everyone thinks they’re black snowflakes.

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