Helmets don’t lie: The tragic love of Vader and Fett

asyouwish.jpgWhat’s up with Darth Vader and Boba Fett? On the Serious Fan With Serious Knowledge front (HA!) I don’t really know/retain, nor honestly do I care, being someone who thinks Fett might just be a wee tiny bit overrated (shocking!) but I can tell you one thing: I made an icon about them once.

Seriously now, it’s a hilarious blog and will make you laugh without borrowing funny from The Princess Bride. Read it. (via SF Signal)

2 Replies to “Helmets don’t lie: The tragic love of Vader and Fett”

  1. yeah, I’ve never gotten the Fett thing either, to be honest. Especially prior to the prequels, what really made him all that different from some of the other minor characters our intrepid heroes pwned? The Rancor doesn’t get that kind of love.

    I think the Rancor needs a blog:
    “Monday: Would it kill Jabba to wash his hands before touching my dinner? And why does he make them wear metal bikinis? Does he think I digest metal? That might explain the @#$% droid he tossed down here last week… I hate Mondays.

    ETA: The handlers brought me a Jawa to cheer me up! <3 <3 <3!”

  2. You’re killing me, Dunc. You’re just killing me! Where do you find these gems?

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