Heir to the Empire anniversary hardcover is coming

NJOE has discovered a listing for a special reissue of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire coming out next year. This is unconfirmed of course, but LFL has been hinting that something special is coming for the 20th anniversary of the book that jump-started the modern Expanded Universe.

Sue Rostoni confirms:

Yes, there are plans for a 20th Anniversary Issue of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE, coming out next June. It’s a hardcover — and that’s all I can reveal at this time.

Let’s hope the details emerge soon – and that they’ll include better cover art.

6 Replies to “Heir to the Empire anniversary hardcover is coming”

  1. I would absolutely love to buy myself new copies of this series in hardcover. Hopefully they’ll do the entire trilogy over a span, and while new cover art would be nice, I have to admit that the old ones have grown on me over the years–partially because they are so terrible and representative of the common style at release. Either way, I guess. It’s not as though I’d be getting rid of my old paperbacks anyway, tatty as they may be.

  2. Let it be Struzan! What with his recent Walking Dead poster, he’s apparently not as retired as we thought. So hey, it could happen!

  3. If they have better cover art, I just might be tempted to buy a second copy! I gotta get more books for Zahn to sign anyway, lol.

  4. I find it interesting that Sue Rostoni hints that there would be more to reveal about this. That pretty much guarantees there will be SOMETHING new about this version, be it cover art, a new introduction, or them going through and updating things to Lucas’s new vision of the timeline.

    Though I suppose it could also just be that they’re planning on announcing anniversary editions of the other two books, as well.

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