Heir to the Empire anniversary edition to include annotations, Thrawn short story

StarWars.com has revealed that the Heir to the Empire anniversary edition will feature annotations and an exclusive short story featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Naturally.)

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  1. Well, you know we’re all about Mara. Naturally, we’d prefer the short story be about her.

    But the annotations sounds like a cool idea.

  2. The annotations sound very cool. I wonder if they will address the calendar/cloning discrepancies with the prequels.

    I’d also prefer a Mara story, but I won’t say no to a Thrawn story.

  3. Sounds good. The few annotated works of sci-fi and fantasy that I’ve been lucky enough to read have offered up some really fascinating stuff.

    Also, be it Mara or Thrawn, a new Tim Zahn Star Wars story is always welcome.

  4. It’s not much that it’s not a Mara story: I’m just sick of Thrawn.

    I’m very intrigued by the annotations. I hope Leland Chee (or Pablo and his knack for delightful yet gentle snark) is in on that, because it would be a nice way to point out and explain the discrepancies without having to mess directly with the text.

    I do wonder if this is going to be an oversized HC because of them, though.

  5. I’ll buy these just because I love the series and I’d imagine they’ll will do a sweet job on the cover. The annotations and short story also sound cool, though I hope Zahn raises his game as his last novel about the Storm Trooper deserters was just awful.

  6. Hmm… “featuring his most famous Star Wars creation, Grand Admiral Thrawn” they say. Is Thrawn really more famous than Mara? I’ll probably buy the stuff for the annotations but I’d preferred a Mara short story. But of course I’m happy they do something extra out of it.

  7. Kataja:

    Mara may enjoy a great deal of popularity, but in my experience it’s one that stops at the borders of the EU-heavy branches of the fandom. Thrawn has seen a little bit more of an overlap over the years, being featured more prominently in the articles and examinations of the post-film continuation of Star Wars that have been written by outsiders. I think a lot of it is to do with Thrawn being such a prominent villain in the early days of the novels and providing a good contrast to the more brutish villains of the films, whereas Mara didn’t really step up as a character on the same level as the Big Three until NJO started. She had moments of spotlight up until then and was a good character from the beginning, but for a long time she only really showed up when Zahn was at the helm, so it’s understandable that she’d be off of an outsider’s radar until she made the jump to primary hero.

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