Hayden Christensen explains it all

IMAGEHe talks Jumper, acting and the prequels in the latest issue of Details. The bit you’re going to see all over for the next few days:

“How those movies are made is very specific, as far as what our jobs are,” he says, with a bit of a shrug. “George isn’t looking for us to come in and have script meetings with him and talk about characters.”

…Of course Christensen is grateful to Star Wars. If he could go back and do it all over, he wouldn’t change a thing. Just don’t ask him to do it all again. “It wasn’t necessarily anything you could feel good about creatively, as far as ‘This is why I became an actor,’” he says of his work in Star Wars. He puffs on a cigarette. “It’s not why you become an actor, to do stuff like that.”

Star Wars isn’t about acting? Next you’ll be telling me it’s all about giant piles of toys and stuff blowing up. God, Hayden.

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  1. Hayden should have paid more attention to Sir Ian McDiarmid. He was acting. He was probably the only one in the Episodes II & III who were.

  2. I believe Christopher Lee also suggested that the younger actors get over it. Wasn’t there a story around Episode II in which Mr. Lee told the younger ones that they were hired to act and shouldn’t wait for a director to somehow help them through it? :)

  3. *snickers* I’m beginning to understand why he was cast as Anakin.

    George: …and basically he turns to the dark side and stuff because he’s a bit slow on the uptake.
    Hayden: *blinkblinks* …huh?
    George: You’re hired! *\o/*

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