Have Marvel and Her Universe made an alliance?

We know that Her Universe is expecting to announce several new liscensees, and if this Captain America shirt (prematurely?) available for order on ThinkGeek is any indication, Marvel is indeed one of them. Unless Ashley is suddenly modeling other lines… (Via @Shadadukal)

Note the shirt itself looks pretty familiar… (h/t @Jessin2D)

UPDATE: And here’s a Captain America tank at Hot Topic. (h/t @brownjawa)

5 Replies to “Have Marvel and Her Universe made an alliance?”

  1. It would make a lot of sense for Her Universe to partner up with Marvel, and I don’t see Ashley as someone who would model for other clothing lines (when she models something, you know where it comes from – I think she wants to keep it that way).

    1. Well, yeah. I’m just saying. ;)

      And Marvel was everyone’s #1 guess when the “three more lines” thing came up in the first place.

  2. I am entirely OK with anything that results in more Marvel movie universe gear for ladies. Bring it!

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