Has Jeremy Bulloch been asked to appear in… Something?

Has Jeremy Bulloch been asked to appear in… Something? Calling it now: He’s totally playing the Mayor of Sernpidal in his spin-off movie. But seriously, Bulloch is at the very least a cameo shoo-in for a (probable) Boba Fett film, or, if you want to go with something confirmed, Rebels. Marinate on it, Fettheads.

UPDATE: He was kidding. Shocking.

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  1. I agree with your analysis on Rebels. I am going to say he gets a Cameo in a Boba Fett movie at the very least, I can see him getting one in Episode VII.

    1. Context rules out EpVII, at least for the moment, thus the wild goose chase:

      Bryan Young: So neither of you have gotten a call for Episode VII then?

      Jeremy Bulloch: Not yet, but I oops (slaps hand to mouth)

      (Emphasis mine.)

  2. I would love the irony of him playing Boba’s commanding officer on Concord Dawn who he kills. Or has that backstory been entirely erased by Baby Clone Fett?

  3. If Abram’s keeps Fett’s helmet on, then maybe Bulloch will just wear the costume. Or maybe Bulloch will play old new Fett? (If the spin-off involves a young Bulloch lookalike killing the original Fett) I kind of like the idea of a gizzled old Fett chasing Han around. It’s a long shot, but he could maybe even be the new trilogy’s main badie. That would actually be kind of sweet.

  4. I would love to see a Jeremy Bulloch / Harrison Ford feature. Not quite an action movie, given their ages. Think spaghetti western. Lot’s of tension, wry dialogue, sudden draws and mistrustful stares.
    The way their rivalry (and eventual odd sense of camraderie) has been handled decently as they’ve gotten older and has had a few truly great moments in the EU. As long as it sounds like they’ll be re-telling/over-writing the EU with the spin-off films – and as long as we’re pitching pipedreams – this is one I’d love to see.

  5. Jeremy’s comments were a joke, and he confirmed that it was just a bit of fun to Full of Sith on Saturday when Bryan told him that his humorous response had spiked the internet.

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