Harrison Ford optimistic on Episode VII: “I think it’s going to happen”

ford-interviewHarrison Ford was in Chicago yesterday and naturally WGN asked him about Star Wars. “It’s not in the bag yet,” he said. “But I think it’s going to happen.” (via)

We’ve had multiple reports that Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are in talks to return; George Lucas himself has basically said it’s a sure thing.

Today, Ford is appearing before Congress to talk about aviation.

7 Replies to “Harrison Ford optimistic on Episode VII: “I think it’s going to happen””

  1. Political convictions be damned, I will vote for any Congressman or Senator who asks him about Episode VII.

  2. They have to be pretty far into negotiations for him to even say that, I would imagine. Unless there’s a negotiations disruption, which can mean only one thing…

  3. I honestly thought, of the three, he’d be the last one to 1) do it, and 2) be open to discussing it.

    I wonder if he’ll put it in his contract that they need to honor his ROTJ wish and kill him off. ;)

  4. He’s also the one they probably need the least.

    I hope they don’t make Han’s death part of the contract – if the main story really is supposed to be about the kids, it seems like killing him off could just be a waste of time. Let him show up in a glorified cameo to offer advice or whatever, have Carrie throw a plate at him, and then move on to the next generation.

  5. If I were writing this, I’d just have Luke and the new cast in it. I am afraid that such a large cast will not let us get to know the new heroes.

    Arndt is pretty good with an ensemble so I’m not too worried, but it doesn’t seem ideal to me.

  6. @Dunc, I completely agree. Which, I suppose, is why I’m actually so shocked that he agreed. And that kind of cameo would be perfect.

    @Jason, I also sort of agree with this, and I think we’ll find that Luke *does* have a greater role than the other two. But only time will tell.

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